Skill-Building Workshops

Skill-Building Workshops

On-site, Virtual, or Hybrid

Turpin’s skill-building workshops provide the techniques and tools that managers, leaders, and individual contributors need to communicate effectively.

Regardless of your team’s communication situation or skill level, our workshops will take them to the next level of success by building skills one upon another.

At Turpin Communication, we focus on the underlying transferable skills required for successful business communication. It starts with building awareness of the skills required and then assessing your use of them. By growing your self-awareness and narrowing your focus, skills are developed and honed for a lifetime of success.

Three-Step Process for Developing Skills

Turpin’s three-step process helps us uncover participants’ strengths and weaknesses and builds insights that lead to sustained communication skill development.


At this step, we help participants focus on what makes a particular type of communication successful. What makes a presentation persuasive or a team meeting effective? What are the skills required of them to get business done?


Based on what is observable (through feedback, video-review coaching, or a 360 assessment), how successful is the participant’s use of the required skills? Is there a difference between the individual’s intentions and the perceptions of others?


What changes in approach or habit are most fundamental to the participant’s improvement? What do they need to do in order to think, adapt, and stay engaged during their interactions? What do they need to do to demonstrate empathy or make in-the-moment adjustments based on audience response? Finally, what do changes in behavior feel like to each individual? Anticipating and understanding that feeling is crucial for success.

Our Skill-Building Workshops Offer

Personalized Attention

Our maximum enrollment of 8 workshop participants enables us to personalize coaching and maximize training effectiveness.

Ample Practice Time

Participants are provided with substantial opportunities to practice in a small group and in personal coaching sessions over multiple days.

Real-World Application

Participants bring their real-world communication challenges and presentations and receive private coaching in breakout rooms.

Career Growth

Participants who attend our workshops build skills that last a lifetime and help propel them in their careers.

Get Started in Three Easy Steps

Our Proven Process

Our sole focus is improving business communication so that business gets done. We work closely with our clients to develop and deliver training and coaching that enables employees to succeed, no matter their challenges. Our training focuses on specific business goals, such as closing a deal, making decision-making easier, aligning teams, and growing leadership capability.

Schedule a Discovery Call

We will discuss your team’s specific communication challenges, struggles, strengths, and weaknesses.

Get a Customized Plan

You’ll receive a customized and comprehensive training plan designed to meet your team’s needs and goals.

Receive Expert Training

Our expert communication coaches will deliver training that will strengthen individual and team communication within your organization.

Skill-Building Workshops

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