Technical Communication Skills

Highly technical people are often challenged when communicating with non-technical people. This can be true when the technical person is presenting, meeting, or conducting training. They sometimes assume a certain level of knowledge that the audience doesn’t possess or use jargon that is unfamiliar to them. Unfortunately, technical expertise does not translate to effective communication skills, but this type of interaction is crucial for business success. We understand these challenges and work with clients to (a) narrow their focus, (b) explain what the data means rather than what the data is, and (c) present only the data others need to make a decision or learn a new skill.

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Technical Communication

Presenting to Non-Tech Audiences

Technical people must sift through complex data and simplify it for others. The expert’s task is to help their audience understand what data means within the business context. We help technical people make this difficult shift in perspective.

Technical Presentations to Leadership

Busy leaders generally don’t have time or interest in analyzing data on their own. They turn to their more technically oriented colleagues for advice and guidance, so it is important that technical professionals are able to communicate this complex information well, as critical business decisions hinge on it. We help technical people do exactly that.


Technical experts often struggle in meetings when asked to share their expertise. Paring information down into understandable bite-sized details is only part of the struggle. They also need to ask good questions, listen well, connect dots, and confirm understanding. Our workshops help your subject matter experts do that well.

SMEs as

Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) bring depth of experience, credibility, and relevance to the training room. However, SMEs are not, in most cases, experts in facilitation. We recognize this and help SMEs facilitate adult learning so that what they teach can be applied back on the job.

Workshop Types

Workshops for SMEs Who Present to Non-technical Audiences

Workshops designed for onsite delivery may be adapted for virtual delivery upon request.

Workshops for SMEs Who are Part-Time Trainers

Presentations & Webinars

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