Working at Turpin Communication

Turpin Communication gives business people the control, confidence, and insight they need to communicate more effectively and efficiently. We’re a company that is constantly challenging ourselves to deliver communication training that contributes to our clients’ business goals.

Over the years, four values have come to define the way we work:


We are committed to delivering the highest quality communication skills training and consulting in the industry. Our goal is to help people get business done as efficiently and effectively as possible. We do this by casting aside traditional thinking about business communication, building a new foundation, and focusing on results for each learner.


To reach our quality goal, our work must take place in a training environment that is safe and inclusive. While in the classroom, everyone must be free to be themselves, to ask questions, and to fail and try again without judgment. Every learner has the right to be heard and understood. They deserve our respect and empathy.


When we create a safe, inclusive, respectful, and results-oriented learning environment, we earn the trust of each learner and the right to ask them to change and grow. Without their trust, we cannot succeed.


Everything we do is fueled by the passion we feel for our work. We care about our clients’ success and the work they do. We are curious and deeply committed to placing what we do within the context of every learner’s work environment.

We’re always looking for new talent

Our trainers come from a variety of backgrounds, including talent development, sales, academics, management, performing arts, and marketing. Experience delivering presentation or facilitation skills training is not a requirement.

The common denominators for all of our trainers are these:

  1. We have an engaging, genuine, never-condescending classroom demeanor.
  2. We are excellent listeners.
  3. We are quick studies.
  4. We are deeply intuitive.
  5. We have outstanding writing skills.
  6. We are curious. We’re the type of people who, if we ask you about what you do for a living, really want to know.
  7. We love helping people succeed.

The training program for new trainers is rigorous and typically requires up to a year of training and coaching.

In addition to trainers, it takes talented individuals working behind the scenes to make Turpin Communication successful. If you have interest in the operations of a boutique training firm, contact us today.

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