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Leaders, managers, and professionals today are in a constantly evolving business world. What was learned 10 years ago may no longer work in today’s environment and may be detrimental to success, productivity, and earning potential.

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Communication Skills We Teach

Business Presentations

The primary purpose of our training for business presenters is to reframe presentations as Orderly Conversations because presentations are…

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Technical Communication

Highly technical people face a challenging task when presenting information to others who do not share the same level and type of knowledge…

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Training & Facilitation

Training programs must be delivered with a focus on relevance and efficiency because the business is paying for results…

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Leadership Communication

Effective business leaders motivate, guide, instruct, and inspire others to take action. We help leaders achieve these goals…

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Team Collaboration

When functional teams participate in Turpin workshops, individual members enjoy a host of secondary benefits beyond an…

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Sales Communication

Closing B2B deals requires a combination of artistry and skill. To reach the highest level of success, relationships must be developed and nurtured…

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Meeting Facilitation

When meetings are facilitated well, attendees contribute, decisions are made, and business moves forward.

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Virtual & Hybrid Communication

Adapting communication skills to the virtual world has now become a corporate imperative. With Turpin’s Virtual & Hybrid Communication Skills training, your organization can thrive in this new environment.

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Full Course Catalogue

Turpin offers a wide array of courses and coaching to help make communication in your organization one of its strengths. Explore all the available courses today!

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Elevate your team's communication skills with next-level training.

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The Turpin Difference

Our Approach

Skill-building Workshops (F2F, Hybrid, Virtual)

Turpin’s skill-building workshops provide the techniques and tools that managers, leaders, and individual contributors need to communicate effectively…

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Private Coaching

Our private coaching provides one-on-one communication consulting that is highly tailored…

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Presentations and Webinars

Turpin regularly holds public webinars and conducts private, customized webinars, conference presentations, and corporate lunch and learns…

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The Orderly Conversation | Turpin Communication

What Makes Us Unique?

Our Methodology

Our methodology is based on our book, The Orderly Conversation®, a groundbreaking resource that offers a proven, practical approach to delivering presentations that move business forward.

We see it time and again; clients come to us with concerns that their teams are missing something in their communication skill set but aren’t quite sure what it is or how they can fill in the gaps. Their communication approach feels outdated or no longer relevant in the modern business context. To further complicate things, a cluttered pool of training providers makes it daunting to decide who to turn to for help. This results in difficult or ambiguous business communication, loss of sales and profits, and stalling or falling behind in career progression.

Fortunately, Turpin Communication can help.

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Our Proven Process

Our sole focus is improving business communication so that business gets done. We work closely with our clients to develop and deliver training and coaching that enables employees to succeed, no matter what challenges they face. Our training focuses on specific business goals, such as closing a deal, making decision-making easier, aligning teams, and growing leadership capability.

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We will discuss your team’s specific communication challenges, struggles, strengths, and weaknesses.

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You’ll receive a customized and comprehensive training plan designed to meet your team’s needs and goals.

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Our expert communication coaches will deliver training that will strengthen individual and team communication within your organization.

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About Us

Turpin Communication was created in 1992 to provide the best business communication skills training available. We are a team of curious, empathetic realists dedicated to the idea that effective, efficient workday communication is possible for everyone.

We build relationships with clients on a foundation of transparency, trust, responsiveness, and respect. In the training room, we are tireless in our desire to understand the unique challenge each learner faces and find the simplest, most practical path to improvement.

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