Communicating in the Virtual Business World

Mastering Virtual Platforms To Get Business Done

Virtual communication is the new normal.

Turpin Communication consultants and trainers are masters of virtual
communication skills development, offering a truly immersive, high-touch
learning experience – unmatched in the industry – in a virtual workshop environment.

Let us help you master the new normal by taking advantage of these public enrollment options:

Virtual Meetings that Work – for Everyone
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Leadership Communication in the Virtual World
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Turpin Communication is a business communication training company.

We build the skills presenters, meeting facilitators, trainers, and technical experts need to achieve their goals, work more efficiently, and grow leadership capabilities. We help turn presentations into Orderly Conversations that get business done. We untangle confusing assumptions, clarify fuzzy definitions, and reject the tyranny of generic rules.

Business Communication. Untangled.

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training for virtual meetings

Leading Effective
Virtual Meetings

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Presenting in the
Virtual Environment

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Training in the
Virtual Environment

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Closing the Deal in
the Virtual World

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The Virtual Subject
Matter Expert

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What Clients Say

“Thanks for sharing your expertise. We’re seeing results already!” –  IT Assistant Manager, Virtual Meetings That Work Webinar Attendee

[The most valuable part of the program was…] “Practicing in a safe environment with valuable feedback, particularly on how we use the space in the room.” – Account Engineering Group Manager, Insurance Company Employee, Workshop Attendee

“I attended one of these today and it was really enlightening. And this isn’t my first rodeo with webinars on how to webinar! Great easy-to-use tools were shared.” –  Director of Learning & Development, Fortune 500 company, Virtual Meetings That Work Webinar Attendee

“This is the best real-world sales training I have received on how to give a presentation: from organizing to delivering. Thank you for helping me grow professionally.” –  Sales Manager, Medical Supplies Manufacturer Employee, Workshop Attendee

“Thank you very much; very informative and well presented!” –  C-Suite Executive, Leadership Communication in the Virtual World Webinar Attendee

“Working with you all has been a real treat and we highly value your partnership, friendship, and the wealth of knowledge and expertise that you share – we are truly grateful!” – Learning Delivery Manager, Higher Education Client

“The training went phenomenally well. Of the four classes in the leadership program, Turpin’s was the best. Very well received.” – Lead Leadership Development Consultant, Federally Funded Research Non-Profit Client

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