Virtual and Hybrid Communication Skills

Vital Communication Skills Training for Virtual and Hybrid Teams

The “normal” way of conducting business has shifted. Companies across the globe have had to pivot quickly to a fully or partially remote workforce. Adapting communication skills to the virtual world has now become a new corporate imperative. Individuals who don’t adapt risk frustration, embarrassment, and stalled careers, while organizations risk lost productivity and sales and dissatisfied employees and clients.

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Communication Challenges of a Virtual and Hybrid Workforce

While there are many benefits of a fully virtual or hybrid workforce, it also comes with a set of unique communication challenges. Some of these include:

  • How to keep the audience engaged
  • How to develop trust and rapport
  • How to keep discussions on track
  • How to ensure everyone has the opportunity to participate in the conversation
  • How to reduce the risks of proximity bias


Build your Team’s Communication Skills to Meet the Demands of the Virtual Workplace

Turpin’s workshops address virtual communication challenges, so meetings are more productive, inclusive, and engaging. We help participants speak with confidence and clarity, keep meetings on track, and use virtual tools and technology to help engage audiences.

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