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Unleash Your Business Communication Potential

Welcome to The Orderly Conversation: Business Presentations Redefined, a groundbreaking book and resource designed specifically for business presenters like you. You and your team can say goodbye to traditional presentation rules that don’t quite fit the real-world dynamics of today’s business settings. Instead, you can embrace this fresh, practical new approach tailored to the everyday, results-driven presentations that drive businesses forward.

A Shift in Focus: Embracing Presentations as Conversations, Not Speeches

In the business world, presentations are not one-way speeches or TED Talks; they are dynamic exchanges of structured information meant to foster progress through meaningful conversation. For example, traditional resources and presentation skills training often focus on speechmaking and assume that Q&A is to be reserved for the end. Our approach treats these interactions as a fruitful element throughout.

The Orderly Conversation distinguishes itself by challenging traditional approaches and replacing them with something better.

Our groundbreaking methodology helps you:

  • Revolutionize and simplify your presentation approach
  • Improve self-awareness and reduce self-consciousness
  • Connect with people, read the room, and react
  • Identify and leverage your unique strengths for maximum impact
  • Cut through noise for concise and efficient communication
  • Facilitate discussions that get business done


With The Orderly Conversation as your guide, presentations become responsive, flexible, and tailored to your audience and business needs.

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Meet Eight Business Professionals with Real-World Presentation Challenges

Embark on a captivating journey as you follow the progress of eight fictional yet relatable business professionals as they participate in a presentation skills workshop. Watch as they shift their mindset away from speechmaking and embrace The Orderly Conversation concept. Through the authors’ guidance, you’ll witness the success and transformation of individuals who share similar habits, assumptions, and experiences as your own.

Do These Challenges Resonate with You?

Terry is nervous and long-winded with executives. He needs to find ways to connect with them and give them only what they need to make decisions.

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Dorothy loves data and details. Her audience of wiggly internal salespeople don’t. She needs her presentations to resonate with them.

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Michael is a talkative salesperson who relies heavily on his ability to develop relationships. His buyers need him to get to the point.

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Jennifer suffers from severe nervousness, and her new role requires presentations. She needs to get a handle on the nerves if she’s going to keep her job.

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James founded his business 30 years ago and is just now hearing that his presentations are disorganized. Will this old dog learn new tricks?

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Sophia rehearses every move and presents with pizzazz. She has been a trainer for years and doesn’t understand why her manager sent her to this class.

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Luis is an entrepreneur who talks in circles when he gets excited. He needs to be focused for his next round of pitches to venture capitalists.

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Elaine has to present to hostile audiences at town hall meetings. When emotions flair, anxiety sets in. She needs to get a handle on this.

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The Orderly Conversation: Business Presentations Redefined

Learn About Their Amazing Transformation and
Discover Your Own.

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The Orderly Conversation: A Game-Changer for Business Presenters. Hear What Our Readers Have to Say.

“This book is flat-out full of awesome. Everyone who shares their ideas with others can improve their impact with the tips in this book.”

Renie McClay

Global Learning Consultant
“I’m excited to use what I’ve learned on my next presentation, and I’m buying several copies for my colleagues.”

Nick Rosa

CEO, Sandbox Industries
“Turpin’s approach is unique and powerful. My team significantly improved after doing the workshop years ago – and yours will too.”

Mark Crowell

Director of Organization Development and Learning, Healthcare
“Forget what you’ve been taught about speechmaking. This book is about what really makes deals happen – the conversations between you and your boss or your customers.”

Drew S. Mendoza

Managing Principal, The Family Business Consulting Group, Inc.

The Orderly Conversation Methodology is for You and Your Team if:

  • Meetings and presentations routinely lead to frustration
  • Traditional presentation rules and techniques don’t lead to their intended outcome
  • Nervousness persists despite best efforts and strategies
  • Team members struggle to meet expectations
  • Ineffective meetings lead to delayed decisions and stalled sales
  • Thinking on your feet poses a challenge in crucial moments
  • Traditional rules for visual aids don’t seem practical
  • Perfecting your presentation through practice has backfired
  • You believe there must be a simpler, more efficient way to prepare and deliver presentations

Elevate Your Presentation Skills Today.

Unleash your full potential as a business presenter and communicator with The Orderly Conversation by Turpin Communication. Embrace this transformative resource to conquer your challenges, engage your audiences, and achieve lasting impact. Watch as your business conversations become dynamic, purposeful, and successful.

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Bonus Features

Access Our Free Downloadable Resources as Illustrated in the Book:

The Framing Strategy Worksheet

An Invaluable Tool to Help Organize and Structure Your Thoughts

Whether your presentation involves closing a sale, explaining a new process, or teaching a module, The Framing Strategy Worksheet is a powerful tool to achieve your communication objectives. The fundamental goal of the worksheet is to help you establish trust, motivate your audience, and answer the questions “What are we talking about?” and “Why?”

The first section of the Framing Strategy Worksheet covers five (5) crucial steps to prepare for your presentation, including

  • Identifying your goal
  • Assessing your audience
  • Naming their current situation
  • Organizing your agenda
  • Identifying benefits to your audience

The second section of the Framing Strategy Worksheet includes a step-by-step guide to help you develop an effective visual presentation, including how to structure the

  • Introduction Slides
  • Body Slides
  • Conclusion Slides

We Embrace Your Uniqueness as a Business Presenter and Communicator

We recognize and embrace your uniqueness as a business presenter and communicator. We understand that cookie-cutter solutions won’t suffice when it comes to your specific communication challenges. That’s why The Orderly Conversation goes the extra mile by providing additional resources, such as the Default Assessment. This assessment allows you to gain deeper insights into your own communication approach and provides relatable challenges along with tailored recommendations for adjustments. By implementing these personalized strategies, you’ll experience significant improvements and unlock your full potential, helping you excel in your presentations like never before.

Assessing Your Default Approach

Are you a Writer or an Improviser?
Take the assessment to find out.
Take the Assessment

In our experience, we’ve discovered that people fall into two general approaches when preparing for presentations and meetings. We refer to these approaches as “Writers” and “Improvisers.” Determining your Default Approach is essential to understanding your preferences and making necessary improvements.

  • Writers: Place great emphasis on preparation and default to an approach that prefers a controlled communication environment. These presenters are often inflexible and strict in their delivery.
  • Improvisers: Believe in their ability to connect and respond to their audience and like to be spontaneous, often to the point of under-preparing. These presenters can easily lose focus during delivery.

By understanding your Default Approach, you can learn to adapt by leaning into strengths and learning new skills to compensate for weaknesses.

Meet the Authors: Dale Ludwig and Greg Owen-Boger

Dale Ludwig: Visionary in Communication Training

Dale Ludwig, one of the authors of The Orderly Conversation, is a seasoned expert in communication training. With years of experience helping individuals and organizations improve their communication skills, Dale brings a wealth of knowledge and insights to the book. As the founder of Turpin Communication, his passion lies in transforming how people communicate professionally.

Dale’s expertise goes beyond traditional speechmaking. He understands that successful business presentations require a different approach—one that embraces the conversational nature of these interactions. His vision and innovative strategies form the backbone of The Orderly Conversation methodology, allowing presenters to engage, connect, and achieve their objectives with confidence.

Greg Owen-Boger: Facilitating Real-World Communication Success

Greg Owen-Boger, co-author of The Orderly Conversation, is an accomplished facilitator and communication expert. With his extensive experience in coaching individuals and leading workshops, Greg brings a practical perspective to the book. He understands presenters’ challenges in real-world scenarios and provides valuable insights to help readers overcome these obstacles.

As the Vice President of Turpin Communication, Greg has guided numerous professionals in enhancing their communication skills. His coaching expertise shines through in The Orderly Conversation, where he coaches the workshop participants and illustrates the application of the methodology in various business contexts. Greg’s engaging and supportive approach empowers readers to develop their own authentic and impactful communication style.

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