High-Stakes Team Meetings

Collaborating to prepare and facilitate client meetings

Frequently, more than one individual is responsible for speaking at external business meetings. Sometimes team roles are clear, and hand-offs are smooth, but more often than not, this isn’t the case. Instead, the team ends up talking over each other or interrupting and interjecting with color commentary. When this happens, the flow of the meeting is disrupted, your audience gets confused, and your team looks unprofessional, unfocused, and disorganized. To summarize, your important meeting just tanked.

Our workshop, High-stakes Team Meetings, helps your company be portrayed positively and professionally. Participants learn how to run more productive and efficient external team meetings by focusing on understanding roles, nurturing client relationships, making proper hand-offs, establishing team meeting etiquette, and speaking confidently and authentically – leading to your intended business outcomes.

All Turpin Workshops are highly customized to your organization's and employees' specific goals
and challenges and can be delivered on-site or virtually.

Experience Level

Medium to High


Duration: 2+ days
Maximum Enrollment: 10
Number of Instructors: 2
Location: Client Site & Virtual Classroom

Degree of Coaching

High: personal coaching occurs both in the classroom and in private video review after every in-class exercise

Intended For

Managers and account teams who facilitate high-stakes client meetings

High-stakes Team Meetings

Collaborating to prepare and facilitate client meetings

Throughout the class, participants learn to apply the principles of The Orderly Conversation® while working on their own real-life high-stakes team meetings. Each attendees’ audience may vary – from small or large in-person groups to remote or hybrid environments.

Successful participants will learn to

  • Work as a team to prepare for the meeting using a tailored meeting planner
  • Engage meeting attendees in a comfortable outcome-oriented conversation
  • Communicate effectively face-to-face, virtually, and in hybrid situations
  • Frame the meeting to communicate the meeting’s (1) purpose, (2) direction, and (3) context
  • Create the conditions for a fruitful exchange of ideas
  • Address questions, concerns, and pushback with confidence
  • Manage disengaged, emotional, and hostile attendees
  • Keep the meeting on track
  • Weave stories into their meetings when appropriate
  • Use projected, hand-held, or hard copy visuals effectively, whether face-to-face or virtual, seated or standing
  • Use virtual tools, including video, for maximum engagement
  • Encourage participation while controlling the process
  • Work with teammates to have each other’s back and appear cohesive and respectful of each other
  • Close the meeting, set appropriate next steps, and assign responsibilities
  • Get the business of the meeting done effectively and efficiently

Attendees receive a copy of The Orderly Conversation: Business Presentations Redefined

“Just a quick note to tell you again how much we enjoyed our training and what a benefit we are reaping! We had a team meeting this week and we reviewed our presentations since training. We had made some improvement but the real call out is that we quickly recognized where we could improve even more. Our motto is “Turpinize”!  We continue to reap benefits from the training.” Sandra S., Director National Agency Sales, Kellogg Convenience

Communication Training Yields Business Results

We believe that business communication training must focus on business results: making work easier, employees more successful, workplaces more cooperative, and goals more attainable.

Getting Business Done and Growing Leadership Capability: Everything we do is designed to help people get business done and grow their capabilities. While a particular workshop may focus on a specific business goal—closing a deal, making a decision, learning something new, or gaining alignment—every workshop is designed to help the participants be more comfortable, effective, and confident communicators. When employees communicate more effectively, leadership capability increases and careers advance. This brings positive results to your team and company.

Private Video Review: Capturing learners on video as they work on their real-life content, which is followed by private video playback, is an essential element of this training. It helps workshop participants understand their natural strengths (and weaknesses). As they grow their self-awareness, they can apply what they learn in class to the variety of situations they face outside of it.

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