Speaking On Camera

Appearing and sounding natural on video

Whether you’re a seasoned trainer, entrepreneur, new to eLearning, or a subject matter expert,
we’ll help you be more effective on camera.

Experience Level

Medium to High


Duration: Half-day sessions
Location: Client’s preference

Degree of Coaching

High: private coaching occurs throughout the engagement

Intended For

Anyone seeking greater comfort while being on camera

Speaking On Camera

Appearing and sounding natural on video

Turpin Communication, at its core, is a presentation and facilitation training company. Since 1992 we’ve been helping business presenters, facilitators, and trainers find their voice so that they can communicate comfortably in high-stakes situations.

Now we’re doing it on video, too.

The production stuff (cameras, lights, fancy editing, and studio tricks) is all fine and good. But if the person on camera doesn’t appear natural, they may communicate the wrong thing to viewers. Don’t let your video suffer in this way. Through our unique approach to coaching, we’ll help you appear as if you’re speaking one-on-one to the viewer. When that happens, your video will appear more engaging, more interesting, and ultimately, more effective.

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