Presentation Skills Training

Executive Presentation Coaching

When group classes are inappropriate or too difficult to schedule, we offer private executive presentation coaching to help upper-level executives improve their communication skills, grow their executive presence, and meet their goals.

Experience Level



Duration: 2 or more half-day sessions or multiple virtual sessions
Location: Face-to-face or virtual platform, client’s preference

Degree of Coaching

High: private coaching occurs throughout the engagement

Intended For

Upper-level executives, high-potentials, and those about to move into an executive-level position

Executive Presentation Coaching

One-on-one guidance for when the stakes are high

Regardless of the specific plan, which always involves real-life content, the overarching goal of this work will be to assess and build on your existing skill set to help you project confidence and executive presence. We want you to be the most effective speaker you can be. The issues targeted will be unique to your situation; however, the following is a list of what we typically work on.

Executive Coaching Goals

  • Establishing and meeting audience-specific presentation outcomes
  • Streamlining the organization and slide development phase, including working with input from others
  • Manage the complexities of hybrid communication situations
  • Developing slides that trigger the right thoughts during delivery
  • Identifying techniques to easily tailor presentations to specific audiences
  • Engaging listeners in the conversation
  • Ensuring a polished and professional executive presence
  • Delivering slides clearly and persuasively
  • Remaining flexible while managing audience interactions
  • Listening well and reserving judgment
  • Facilitating conversations that occur during presentations

“My BOD presentation went very well; I received positive feedback from the CEO and the BOD. Thank you for your coaching it made a huge impact.” John Kiernan, SVP & CFO, Veeco Instruments Inc.

During the coaching sessions, you will be video recorded. The video will be reviewed immediately after it is made. Through this process, you’ll identify what’s working and pinpoint areas to improve. This will help you achieve the objectivity you need to succeed. Through various exercises, you’ll work on skills and techniques that work uniquely for you.

We recommend a minimum of two half-day sessions after the chemistry meeting. The number of additional sessions, if any, will be determined as we go along.

Communication Training Yields Business Results

We believe that business communication training must focus on business results: making work easier, employees more successful, workplaces more cooperative, and goals more attainable.

Getting Business Done and Growing Leadership Capability: Everything we do is designed to help people get business done and grow their capabilities. While a particular workshop may focus on a specific business goal—closing a deal, making a decision, learning something new, or gaining alignment—every workshop is designed to help the participants be more comfortable, effective, and confident communicators. When employees communicate more effectively, leadership capability increases and careers advance. This brings positive results to your team and company.

Private Coaching and Video Review: Capturing learners on video as they work on their real-life content, which is followed by video playback and coaching, is an essential element to this training. It helps learners understand their natural strengths (and weaknesses). As they grow their self-awareness, they can apply what they learn in coaching to the variety of situations they face outside of it.

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The First Step

The first step in the process is a phone meeting between you (the executive) and one of our presentation coaches. We call this phone call the “chemistry meeting.” It’s important to the success of the engagement that both parties are comfortable working together and that mutual trust and respect are present. Following the chemistry meeting, goals of the engagement will be established, options will be discussed, and an action plan will be put in place.

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