Meeting & Facilitation Skills Training

Executive Presence at Work

This foundation-level executive presence training provides the insights participants need to project professionalism, credibility, confidence, and their own organizationally-appropriate, personal brand in the business environment. This training can be incorporated into an existing emerging leaders program.

Experience Level

executive presence training

Low to Medium


Duration: 1 day
Maximum Enrollment: 8
Number of Instructors: 2
Location: Client Site

Degree of Coaching

High: coaching occurs in the main classroom, private video-review coaching follows every in-class exercise

Intended For

High-potential employees unsure of what “presence” means for them

Executive Presence at Work

Gaining self-awareness to project professionalism and enhance your personal brand

Throughout this interactive workshop, participants define executive presence and articulate how they’d like to come across to others in the business.

Participants in this workshop about growing one’s executive presence learn to

  • Represent the organization’s brand
  • Assess their own style
  • Build self-awareness
  • Build on their own unique personality
  • Introduce themselves to others for maximum impact
  • Manage nervousness and speak with confidence
  • Think on their feet
  • Project professionalism

NOTE: Executive Presence at Work focuses on how people are perceived and less on the content of their communication.

Additional Post-Workshop Skill-Reinforcement Option

In addition to the skill-reinforcement resources included in eCoach, consider this option:

Manager Support Program: Managers play a critical role in helping employees apply what they learn in class to the situations they face outside of it. To help managers support the learning, and when appropriate to do so, we provide guidance for setting expectations prior to the workshop and providing support after.

Workshop Tailoring

During the tailoring process, Turpin modifies the workshop to meet the specific needs of the business and each individual attending the training.

Blended Learning

We believe in a blended learning approach. eCoach is how we do it.

executive presence training

Online Pre-work

Participants complete an online needs assessment.

Skill Reinforcement

After the workshop, participants have access to a host of job aids and tools to help them apply what they learn to situations they face outside the training room.

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