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The Orderly Conversation for Leaders:
Building careers through better communication

This lunch & learn-style speaking engagement is designed for leaders who seek more effective and efficient communication from their employees.

The Orderly Conversation for Leaders

Building careers through better communication

Communication is an essential leadership skill. Yet study after study tells us that communication and other related soft skills are severely lacking in today’s workforce. When meetings go off the rails, confusion and frustration set in. This leads to inefficiency and the erosion of goodwill among team members.

All of that inefficiency is not only expensive, but it can also result in stalled careers.

Your organization deserves better. During this facilitated conversation, we’ll discuss your role as a leader in shifting communication culture and resetting expectations with employees. The primary concepts behind The Orderly Conversation will serve as a foundation for growing employee communication capabilities and moving the organization forward.

We’ll examine concepts for coaching others to

  • Be genuinely engaged and able to think on their feet
  • Manage and contribute to a genuine Orderly Conversation
  • Frame conversations to provide context and relevance
  • Understand their “Default Approach” and how to leverage the concept for improved communication

Copies of The Orderly Conversation: Business Presentations Redefined may be included for each attendee.




60 – 120 minutes

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Face-to-face or virtual

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