Presentation Skills Training

Our presentation skills training programs help presenters be more effective and efficient in the work they do.
Each of the workshops listed below is designed to help business communicators engage listeners in a
fruitful, results-oriented presentation.


Face-to-Face, Virtual, and now … Hybrid


We define Hybrid Communication as a meeting or presentation attended in various ways. Some participants may be in a meeting room; others may be logging in virtually; still others may be calling in on a phone. Hybrid meetings present substantial challenges for everyone. We address those challenges head-on and make sure that our workshop attendees understand their responsibility to engage everyone.

While a particular workshop may focus on a specific business goal—closing a deal, making a decision, or gaining alignment—all of our training is designed to help people be more comfortable, effective, and confident communicators. When employees communicate more effectively, their leadership skills improve and their careers advance. That means good things for your team and your company.

Guiding Principles of our Presentation Skills Training

Our work has three guiding principles. The first is that business presentations are not one-way speeches. They are a give and take that must be initiated and managed. We call them Orderly Conversations. Second, to initiate and manage this type of conversation presenters need to have command of the skills that will help them get comfortable, be in the moment, and make the decisions they need to make as the conversation moves forward. This brings us to our third guiding principle. Presenters succeed on two levels. First, they succeed when they achieve the goal they have set out to achieve. Second, and sometimes more important, presenters succeed when they manage the presentation process itself effectively and efficiently.

Untangling a Lifetime of Knots

Many business people come to our workshops tied up in knots about what they need to do to communicate better. Some worry about the best way to prepare for and manage face-to-face communication. Sometimes this leads to inefficient overpreparation or frustrating attempts to follow advice that’s not right for them. Other people struggle to find the right way to manage their nervousness. The work we do as presentation skills trainers helps everyone, regardless of industry or rank, gain self-awareness and build a set of skills that works uniquely for them. This helps them succeed in whatever situation they find themselves in.

Live Online Workshops

Onsite Workshops

Public Enrollment Workshops


Case Studies

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