Turpin Cares: Women’s Shelter Benefits from Care Packages

On Saturday, November 18, 2017, Turpin Communication employees and “friendlies” came together to assemble 40 care packages for a group of homeless women in Chicago.

Each package contained about $50 worth of food, toiletries, first aid items, gloves, and a hand-knit hat and scarf. They also included a lot of love and a personal hand-written card for each of the recipients.

“We have some of the best people helping us with this project,” said Greg Owen-Boger, Turpin’s VP. “When we started this project, it was important to us that each care package include a hand-knit scarf and hat. That’s a lot of knitting, and our team really came through! We received so many handmade items that we have a really good head start on the February drive.”

Hand-knit items came from as far away as Montana and Ohio. Financial and gift donations came from as far away as California and the east coast. “When you add up all of the donors, knitters, and day-of volunteers, we had nearly 30 people contribute for this drive. We do this once every quarter, so it’s nice to have so many people who are willing and able to lend a hand every time we do this.”

About Turpin Cares

Turpin Cares is a philanthropic arm of Turpin Communication designed to help the homeless in ChicagoTurpin Cares is a philanthropic project sponsored by Turpin Communication.  On a quarterly basis, our employees and “friendlies” get together to assemble care packages for the homeless in Chicago. We distribute the bags through shelters and by handing them out one-by-one when we see someone in need.

Each care package is loaded into a reusable tote and contains:

  • Items to provide comfort, including hand-knit hats and scarves, socks, and gloves (in the winter months)
  • Packaged food
  • Items to help with hygiene and first aid

Interested in getting involved? Contact Turpin’s VP, Greg Owen-Boger. greg@turpincommunication.com

40 hand-knit hats and scarves laid out for the Turpin Cares event
40 hand-knit hats and scarves laid out for the Turpin Cares event.


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About the Author: Greg Owen-Boger

Greg Owen-Boger has been with Turpin Communication since 1995, first as a cameraman, then instructor, account manager, and now EVP of Learning and Business Development. Schooled in management and the performing arts, Greg brings a diverse set of skills and experiences to the organization. Greg is one of Turpin’s facilitators and coaches and holds a Bates ExPI™ (Executive Presence Index) coaching certification. When he’s not with clients, he manages the day-to-day operations of the company. Greg is an active member of the Association for Talent Development (ATD) and was the 2015 President of ATD, Chicagoland Chapter. He is a popular speaker, frequent blogger, and the co-author of “The Orderly Conversation: Business Presentations Redefined,” “The Virtual Orderly Conversation,” and Effective SMEs: A Trainer’s Guide to Helping Subject Matter Experts Facilitate Learning,” all written with Turpin’s founder, Dale Ludwig.



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