Professionalizing High-tech and High-stakes Training Techniques with Ex-military Personnel: A Case Study

Picture of first responders receiving Turpin training

When people participate in Turpin workshops, individual members and teams enjoy a host of secondary benefits beyond greater comfort with their own communication skills. Managers and leaders are often pleasantly surprised by how team meetings become more efficient, leadership skills start to emerge, relationships blossom, and so on. We often hear that teams “Turpinize” their communication after attending a Turpin workshop.

In this series of Case Studies, we demonstrate how select clients have benefited from our work.

Training Goal 

To professionalize a group of passionate subject matter experts (SMEs) with a tendency to go rogue in the classroom and out in the field.


Terrorism Research and Training Facility


Ex-military Bomb and Terrorism Experts

Type of Training being Delivered by the Client

Training first responders to handle terrorism threats and incidents in their community.

Business Challenge 

The SMEs conduct training sessions in the classroom and outdoor demonstration facilities. They love what they do. Understanding terrorism and training first responders across the nation was described by many as their life’s work. However, their passion for the subject matter didn’t always lead to effective classroom behaviors. For the learners to leave the training with the skills they need to manage their departments and communities in the event of an attack, the SMEs would have to become skilled facilitators of adult learning.


We developed a program to help the SMEs professionalize their training delivery. This included placing the learning objectives within the context of the learners’ high-stress jobs, respectfully engaging their learners, and channeling their passion in ways that support their work as facilitators of learning.

From the Buyer

I was nervous … this group was a tough audience … I was really concerned how the group was going to respond to the session. Greg captured them immediately and I was relieved … this really made me look good. I walked away feeling great about the session.

Our methodology is based on our book, The Orderly Conversation®, a groundbreaking resource that offers a proven, practical approach for developing and delivering presentations that moves business forward.





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