Meeting & Facilitation Skills Training

Our meeting facilitation training helps business people lead and contribute to meetings that get business done. Each of the workshops listed below is built on the notion that all meetings are Orderly Conversations. That means that they need to be planned and facilitated. It also means that everyone participating in the meeting needs to feel comfortable contributing to the conversation.

Face-to-Face, Virtual, and now … Hybrid

We define Hybrid Communication as a meeting or presentation attended in various ways. Some participants may be in a meeting room; others may be logging in virtually; still others may be calling in on a phone. Hybrid meetings present substantial challenges for everyone. We address those challenges head-on and make sure that our workshop attendees understand their responsibility to engage everyone.

Sometimes meetings are routine. At other times they are high-stakes pressure cooker interactions. Regardless of the situation, meeting facilitators must create the conditions for a fruitful conversation and manage that conversation so that business moves forward. While a particular workshop may focus on a specific business goal—closing a deal, making a decision, telling better stories, or gaining alignment—all of our meeting facilitation training options are designed to help people be more comfortable, effective, and confident facilitators.

Meetings Must be Efficient Because Meetings are Expensive

We understand how expensive inefficient meetings are, both in terms of the money and time they squander and the goodwill they slowly chip away. We understand that successful teams not only work together efficiently but also enjoy working together. That’s why we help people be better meeting leaders AND better meeting attendees.

Meetings Require Trust

Meeting attendees need to trust the facilitator to respect their time and contributions. Meeting facilitators need to trust attendees to bring their full attention and energy to every meeting. Our training is designed to make sure that happens. When meetings are effective, business gets done.

Live Online Workshops

training to lead effective virtual meetings

Leading Effective
Virtual Meetings

Fundamental skills for people new to the virtual environment

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training effective virtual environment collaboration

Closing the Deal in
the Virtual World

Facilitating high-stakes online meetings that move business forward

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training to lead effective virtual meetings

Fostering Team Collaboration from a Distance

Online team meetings
done right

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Onsite Workshops

meeting skills training

Leading Effective
Meetings 101

Fundamental skills for beginners

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training to lead effective and efficient meetings

Leading Effective
Meetings 201

Advanced skills for managers

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executive presence at work

Executive Presence
at Work

Advanced communication skills for managers and leaders

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training to close the deal

the Deal

Facilitating high-stakes meetings that move business forward

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training for effective high-stakes meetings

Team Meetings

Collaborating to prepare and facilitate client meetings

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training for storytelling in meetings

Storytelling for Business Results (meetings)

Essentials for weaving compelling stories into meetings

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advanced facilitation skills training

Facilitation Skills

Specialized techniques for leading high-stakes meetings

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advanced facilitation skills training

Contributing to Executive-Level Meetings

Keeping your cool when the stakes
are high

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advanced facilitation skills training


Projecting professionalism to enhance your brand

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training to lead effective virtual meetings

Executive Presence Private Coaching

Projecting your unique brand through leadership communication

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