New Book Offers Game-Changing Approach to Instructor-Led Training

A Game-Changing Approach to Instructor-Led Training

Granville Circle Press announces the July 15, 2014 publication of “The Orderly Conversation,” a groundbreaking resource for business communication.

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Granville Circle Press announced today the publication of “The Orderly Conversation: Business Presentations Redefined” by Dale Ludwig and Greg Owen-Boger, a book that challenges some long-held beliefs in the corporate training world about engaging adults in the learning process.

“Corporate training’s purpose is to help move business forward,” write the authors. “When it’s done well, attendees learn what they’re there to learn and return to their jobs.” Training should be efficient, relevant, and earn the goodwill of trainees. Unfortunately, this doesn’t always happen. Too often trainers fail to connect with their learners, miss opportunities, and rely on classroom activities that miss the mark. “It’s not the trainer’s fault,” says Owen-Boger, “most of the time they’re simply doing what they themselves have been trained to do. That’s where the problem lies.”

The Orderly Conversation sets out to change that by focusing trainers’ efforts on learner engagement and creating the conditions for fruitful learning. “When trainers engage their learners in a genuine conversation,” says Ludwig, “when they’re willing and able to adapt their approach on the fly, the path to success is much clearer.”

The first step, say the authors, is to turn away from techniques associated with “speechmaking” or entertaining and focus on the give-and-take that must take place between speaker and learner. “It’s all about letting the conversation take place without losing sight of your training goals,” says Owen-Boger. “When you do that, you earn the trust and goodwill of your learners.”

Developed through years of Turpin Communication’s presentation workshops, this change in approach dramatically improves how trainers and instructional designers approach their work. “… As an instructional designer who specializes in developing communication skills, I have certainly had to scan many of the old fashioned ‘do this, don’t do this’ self-help guides… The Orderly Conversation is miles beyond, said Matt Elwell, CPLP, President and CEO of ComdeySportz of Chicago. “This text explores what is really happening between a presenter and an audience… I can’t say enough how much more powerful this book is than any other one I’ve seen on the subject.”

The Orderly Conversation takes readers through a clear and accessible process, inviting readers into one of the authors’ workshops where you observe eight fictional, but very real, presenters. One of these class participants is Sophia, a trainer at a credit union. She enters the class with some troublesome ideas about training. Lou Russell, from Russell Martin & Associates (and celebrated training industry author) calls these ideas “edutainment and trickery.”

Throughout the workshop, Sophia learns that these troublesome techniques were actually having the opposite effect of what she intended them to have. She also realizes that initiating the training conversation should be her first priority. When she does that, she’ll do her part to move the business forward.

Granville Circle Press calls their latest offering “eminently practical; real-world advice for the real world of business.” The Orderly Conversation is available now at Amazon and other online book retailers.

Granville Circle Press–“Communicating Good Ideas.”, including “Living Proof: Telling Your Story to Make a Difference,” selected by Kirkus Reviews as a “Best of 2012.” info(at)granvillecirclepress(dot)com The Orderly Conversation, ISBN 978-0-9838703-2-6 $21.95

Turpin Communication (Chicago) was founded in 1992 to provide the best presentation and facilitation skills training available anywhere. Since then it has helped business presenters in a broad range of industries and organizations focus on the skills and techniques that help them succeed. Authors Dale Ludwig and Greg Owen-Boger are available for keynote addresses and to speak at conferences and corporate meetings.


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