Training for New and Young Employees

It’s easier (and less expensive) to set standards for communication early in an employee’s career than it is to course-correct later. It’s well-documented that employers are often underwhelmed by the soft skills of their right-out-of-college employees.

This is why we often supplement onboarding programs with baseline communication skills training. At other times we work with hi-potential employees ready to move into management positions. Regardless of program, the goal is the same: lay a foundation for effective communication that will last a lifetime.

Workshops for New Employees

Public Speaking Training - Turpin Communication

Speaking with
Confidence & Clarity

Fundamental skills for the nervous or novice presenter

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Presentation Skills Workshop - Turpin Communication

Your Presentations

No-nonsense communication strategies for getting business done

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Professional Branding - Turpin Communication


Projecting professionalism to enhance
your brand

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Workshops for Young or Inexperienced Presenters

Training for new and accidental trainers

Contributing to Executive-Level Meetings

Keeping your cool when the stakes
are high

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Facilitation training for experienced trainers

Presenting to Leadership & Other Decision Makers

Strategies for making a compelling case effectively & efficiently

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Training to become a more effective subject matter expert trainer

Leading Effective
Meetings 101

Fundamental skills for

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training subject matter experts to facilitate training

Leading Effective Virtual Meetings

Fundamental skills for people new to the virtual environment

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