Presentation Skills Training

Speaking with Confidence & Clarity in the Virtual World
Public Workshop

These virtual sessions, delivered in a public enrollment setting, are designed to introduce attendees to key concepts and best practices when presenting and meeting in the virtual world.

Experience Level

Low to Medium


Duration: 2 3-hour sessions
Maximum Enrollment: 6
Number of Instructors: 2

Degree of Coaching

High: Coaching occurs in the main classroom, private video-review coaching takes place in a virtual breakout room and follows most in-class exercises

Intended For

Anyone needing to transfer their existing skills to the online world

Speaking with Confidence & Clarity in the Virtual World – Public Workshop

Transferring your face-to-face communication skills to the online world

Throughout this series of virtual sessions, participants learn the principles of The Orderly Conversation and learn best practices for

  • Creating (or modifying existing) visual aids to support key messages in the virtual space
  • Managing nervousness and gaining self-awareness
  • Engaging attendees in a comfortable, flexible conversation while being clear and concise
  • Framing the meeting or presentation using a simple strategy so that attendees understand direction, purpose, context, and why they should participate
  • Using visuals effectively in the virtual space
  • Thinking on their feet and facilitating fruitful interactions with attendees
  • Using virtual tools, including video, for maximum engagement
  • Getting the business of the meeting or presentation done effectively and efficiently

Communication Training Yields Business Results

We believe that business communication training must focus on business results: making work easier, employees more successful, workplaces more cooperative, and goals more attainable.

Getting Business Done and Growing Leadership Capability: Everything we do is designed to help people get business done and grow their capabilities. While a particular workshop may focus on a specific business goal—closing a deal, making a decision, learning something new, or gaining alignment—every workshop is designed to help the participants be more comfortable, effective, and confident communicators. When employees communicate more effectively, leadership capability increases and careers advance. This brings positive results to your team and company.

Dates & Locations

Workshop Overview


$800 (includes program materials, access to eCoach, and a copy of The Virtual Orderly Conversation)

Refund Policy

Refunds up to 30 days before event

Blended Learning

We believe in a blended learning approach. eCoach is how we do it.

Online Pre-work

Participants complete an online needs assessment and watch pre-work videos.

Skill Reinforcement

After the workshop, participants have access to a host of job aids and tools to help them apply what they learn to situations they face outside the training session.


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