Communication Training Vendor Checklist

Conducting research and comparing communication training vendors – especially those who focus on human “soft” skills – can be a challenge. There’s very little common language and quantifying learning objectives is close to impossible.
Holding two or more vendors side-by-side sheds little light. It can feel as if you’re in the dark comparing apples to broccoli to an ear of corn.
That’s why we created this handy tool to outline what to look for when choosing a communication training firm.
Our recommendations break down into five categories. Look for:

  • Strong Methodology, not a list of tips and tricks
  • Real-world Application focusing on the types of communication your employees actually do
  • Private Coaching to improve self-awareness
  • Small Class Size to allow for plenty of practice and individualized attention
  •  Blended Learning to ensure skill reinforcement and on-the-job application

Download this printable version of the checklist now.

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