Facilitation Training for New and “Accidental” Trainers

Fundamental skills for facilitating adult learning  

This interactive workshop builds the skills necessary to facilitate adult learning. This includes presenting content, facilitating group discussion, setting up and debriefing exercises, and providing productive learner feedback.

Learning Objectives

Throughout this class, participants work on their own real-life training content. Taught by two instructors, the in-class exercises are video recorded and followed by private, instructor-led video review. This approach helps participants build on the strengths they bring to the training process. This workshop will help participants:

  • Engage learners in a productive conversation and create the conditions for fruitful learning
  • Frame the training with clear expectations and learning objectives so that learners understand why they should participate and how it applies to the work they do
  • Deliver visual aids effectively (even content prepared by others)
  • Be concise
  • Listen effectively to connect dots and identify common themes
  • Encourage and control discussions
  • Work with co-trainers
  • Manage difficult people and situations
  • Set up and debrief learning activities
  • Provide productive learner feedback using the Turpin Communication SORT Coaching Model (Self-assessment, Observation, Recommendation, Tied back to goal)

Blended Learning
Facilitation Training for New and “Accidental” Trainers includes pre-work and access to eCoach. Participants receive reusable job aids, reference materials, and their own in-class videos to help reinforce what they learn in class. All attendees receive a copy of The Orderly Conversation: Business Presentations Redefined.

Private Coaching and Video Review
Capturing learners on video as they work on their real-life content, which is followed by private video playback and coaching, is an essential element to this training. It helps workshop participants understand their natural strengths (and weaknesses) and grow their self-awareness so that they can apply what they learn in class to the variety of situations they face outside of it.

Post Workshop Coaching
To help workshop participants succeed, especially when the stakes are high, consider adding post workshop coaching. This hour-long one-on-one follow-up takes place virtually and may be conducted any time after the workshop. Individuals always work with one of the instructors from their workshop to ensure continuity and mutual trust.

As part of the tailoring process, Turpin works with clients to understand the specific needs of each group of individuals and modifies the workshop accordingly. If training materials don’t exist prior to the workshop, we help participants with the instructional design process.

Intended For
This is a mastery-level workshop and is designed for trainers new to the industry or experienced “accidental” trainers needing to polish their skills. Not everyone needs to be at the same level. Often a wide range of skills and experience provides the richest learning environment.

Facilitation Training for New and “Accidental” Trainers Fundamental skills for facilitating adult learning

Recommended Experience Level


Duration: 3 days

Maximum Enrollment: 8

Number of Instructors: 2

Degree of Coaching
High. Coaching occurs in the main classroom, and one-on-one coaching follows every in-class exercise.

Online Pre-work
Participants complete an online needs assessment.

Skill Reinforcement
Provided through eCoach.

Optional post-workshop coaching is available.

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