Training in a Virtual Environment

Transferring your face-to-face skills to the online world 

This series of two-hour virtual training sessions is designed to help each trainer develop the skills necessary to provide fruitful learning experiences in the virtual environment.

Learning Objectives

Participants work with their own real-life content and slides. Like all Turpin sessions, this one is interactive and provides experiential learning opportunities for all participants. This workshop, usually spread over 4 sessions, is highly tailored for each client and the virtual platform they use. Throughout the sessions, participants learn to

  • Create (or modify existing) visual aids to support key messages
  • Manage nervousness and gain self-awareness
  • Engage attendees in a comfortable, flexible conversation
  • Frame the training using a simple strategy so that learners understand direction, purpose, context, and why they should participate
  • Be clear and concise
  • Use visuals effectively
  • Think on their feet
  • Facilitate fruitful interactions with attendees
  • Bring out reluctant or disengaged learners
  • Use video conferencing for maximum engagement
  • Incorporate virtual platform tools to advance learning
  • Lean on a host (also referred to as a producer or moderator) to manage technology on the back end

Skill Reinforcement
Participants receive reusable job aids and reference materials to help them apply what they learn in class to the situations they face outside of it.

As part of the tailoring process, Turpin works with clients to understand the specific needs of each group of individuals and modifies the workshop accordingly. If training materials don’t exist prior to the workshop, we help participants with the instructional design process.

Intended For
This series of virtual workshops is designed for trainers who have experience in live, face-to-face situations but need help transitioning to the virtual environment. Not everyone needs to be at the same level. Often a wide range of skills and experience provides the richest learning experience.

Training in a Virtual Environment Transferring your face-to-face skills to the online world

Recommended Experience Level


Duration: 4 two-hour sessions

Maximum Enrollment: 10

Number of Instructors: 2

Degree of Coaching
Moderate. Coaching occurs virtually throughout the workshop.

Online Pre-work
Participants complete an online needs assessment and submit a sample of their training content.

Skill Reinforcement
Workshop materials

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