Training for Trainers

Turpin takes a comprehensive, skill-building approach when preparing professionals to facilitate learning We focus on the skills necessary for trainers to execute whatever situations they face in the training room. As participants work on their own real-life content, concepts are introduced, practiced, refined, and reinforced. This approach keeps learning grounded and realistic.  


Facilitating learning isn’t just about presenting information, it’s about presenting it in a way that ensures actual learning takes place. This requires the skills of a presenter, of course, but it also requires thoughtful and nuanced adult-learner facilitation skills.

Whether your team is made up of seasoned trainers, “accidental” trainers, Subject Matter Experts (SMEs), or individuals just entering the Learning & Development field, we will take their skills to the next level of effectiveness.

Workshop Tailoring
All Turpin workshops are tailored to the needs of the organization, team or business unit, and individuals in the session. The process starts by identifying learning objectives and determining the degree of one-on-one coaching and skill reinforcement that will best meet those goals. From there, we’ll find the right balance of variables to meet your business goals and the needs of the participants.

Blended Learning
Most of our training for trainers workshops include some form of pre-work and access to eCoach. Participants receive reusable job aids and reference materials to help them apply what they learn in class to the situations they face outside of it. Attendees in some workshops also receive a copy of The Orderly Conversation: Business Presentations Redefined.

Post Workshop Coaching
To help workshop participants succeed, especially when the stakes are high, consider adding post workshop coaching. This hour-long, one-on-one follow-up takes place virtually and may be conducted any time after the workshop. Individuals always work with one of the instructors from their workshop to ensure continuity and mutual trust.



Dual Role: SMEs as trainers in the classroom

Read the full article by Turpin Communication leadership, Dale Ludwig and Greg Owen-Boger, in TD Magazine, the publication by the Association for Talent Development.

Bringing subject matter experts into the training process can be one of the best things learning leaders can do. SMEs bring depth of experience, enterprise-wide perspective, and credibility to the learning process. Their stories bring content to life.

Reliance on SMEs also brings risk. Although they want to do well in the classroom, it is an environment outside their expertise.