Fostering Team Collaboration from a Distance

Online team meetings done right  

This mastery-level virtual workshop provides managers with the skills and tools they need to lead productive online meetings and encourage collaboration within remote teams.

Learning Objectives

During this workshop, which takes place over 4 two-hour sessions, participants work on a real-life upcoming meeting. Like all Turpin sessions, this one is interactive and provides experiential learning opportunities for all participants. While this workshop is highly tailored for each client and the virtual platform that they use, all participants will learn to

  • Engage meeting attendees in a comfortable, business-focused conversation
  • Frame the meeting using a simple organizational strategy so that attendees understand the meeting’s (1) purpose, (2) direction, and (3) context
  • Create the conditions for a fruitful exchange of ideas and facilitate the interaction
  • Deliver content effectively in the virtual space
  • Address questions, concerns, and pushback with confidence
  • Manage disengaged, emotional, and hostile attendees
  • Keep the meeting on track
  • Encourage participation while controlling the process
  • Use webinar tools and technology judiciously, including video, for maximum engagement
  • Close the meeting, set appropriate next steps, and assign responsibilities
  • Get the business of the meeting done effectively and efficiently

Getting Business Done & Growing Leadership Capability
Everything we do is designed to help people get business done and grow their capabilities. While a particular workshop may focus on a specific business goal—closing a deal, making a decision, learning something new, or gaining alignment—every workshop is designed to help the participants be more comfortable, effective, and confident communicators. When employees communicate more effectively, leadership capability increases, and careers advance. This brings positive results for your team and company.

Skill Reinforcement
Participants receive reusable job aids and reference materials to help them apply what they learn in class to the situations they face outside of it.

During the tailoring process, Turpin modifies the workshop to meet the specific needs of the business and each individual attending the training.

Intended For
This is a mastery-level workshop and is ideal for managers of remote teams. Not everyone needs to be at the same level. Often a wide range of skills and experience provides the richest learning environment.

Fostering Team Collaboration from a Distance Online team meetings done right

Recommended Experience Level


Duration: 4 two-hour sessions

Maximum Enrollment: 6

Number of Instructors: 1 (plus a webinar host)

Degree of Coaching
Low. Coaching takes place during group exercises only.

Online Pre-work
Participants complete an online needs assessment and submit an agenda for the meeting they will work on during the workshop.

Skill Reinforcement
In-class materials

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