When You Didn’t Make the Slides You’re Delivering

Sometimes in workshops, we discover that our learners are working with slides or whole decks they didn’t create, and some of these slides are not only unnatural to deliver but also confusing in their layout, organization, or even in the information they include. If you’re confused by a slide, your audience is not going to… Read more »

My Presentation Slides are Too Detailed, but I Have to Use Them. Any Advice?

This is a common issue we are asked about in Turpin Communication’s presentation skills workshops. You know your slides are too detailed and you have no power to change them. Maybe they came from Marketing, or Market Research, or maybe they were designed by a controlling manager. Whatever the issue, here’s Dale Ludwig offering some… Read more »

Titling Your Presentations

I often chime in on LinkedIn discussions that are related to business communication. This question about titling presentations was posted earlier this morning, “How do you title your speech or presentation?” Here’s my answer. Every presentation and every audience is different. Therefore there’s no single answer to your question. However, here are some ideas to… Read more »

Should I Apologize for Bad Slides?

Question: I’m stuck having to present some pretty bad slides.  They are too complicated and present more information than I need for my presentation.  I can’t change them for a lot of reasons that I won’t go into here.  I’ve heard that you shouldn’t apologize for things like this by saying something like, “I know… Read more »