Who We Serve

Business communicators at all levels and in every context face many of the same challenges.

Being clear & concise

Motivating interest

Managing nervousness

Saying what they mean

Managing dynamic group interaction

Breaking old habits

While the challenges and frustrations may be similar, the communicator’s role, audience, and context matter. A sales presentation, team meeting, training workshop, or investor pitch requires communication that is finely-tuned to the audience, the business purpose, and its desired outcome.

Turpin Communication believes that every professional – from the newest college graduate to experienced managers to senior leaders in the C-suite – can be an effective communicator.

Every workshop we design and deliver helps each participant
Find your focus. Be yourself. Only Better.

When employees communicate more effectively, relationships grow and organizations thrive.

The Types of Businesspeople We Serve

Sales & Account Teams

Execs & Emerging Leaders

Functional Teams

Technical Experts

New & Young Employees

Brand Ambassadors

Entrepreneurs & Start-up Teams

Business Presenters

Every business presenter has a goal: either to influence a decision, close a sale, gain consensus, or create understanding. Unlike a performer or speechmaker, business presenters need to encourage, and manage, interaction with the audience in order to achieve success.

Turpin training helps business presenters

  • Engage listeners in a fruitful conversation
  • Frame presentations to be listener-focused
  • Create and deliver effective visual aids to support key messages
  • Manage nervousness and gain self-awareness
  • Move business forward
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Meeting Facilitators

Meeting facilitators want to lead and contribute to meetings that get business done. Meetings, like presentations, are Orderly Conversations that need to be thoughtfully planned but executed with flexibility in order to engage participants. A successful meeting facilitator will cultivate a certain meeting culture so that meetings are pleasant, and everyone feels comfortable contributing to the conversation.

Turpin training helps meeting facilitators

  • Create the conditions for a fruitful exchange of ideas
  • Use an organizational strategy to give people a reason to participate
  • Encourage constructive dialogue while maintaining control
  • Get business done
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Corporate Trainers

Some corporate trainers are seasoned L&D professionals, some are “accidental trainers,” and others are subject matter experts (SMEs). Regardless of experience, all need to present information and facilitate adult learning. Doing so begins with the notion that all training sessions are Orderly Conversations. When trainers approach the process in this way, they not only present new information; they build skills.

We help trainers be relevant, efficient, and effective:

Most talent development professionals have plenty of experience in the training room. However, everyone can benefit from a refresh in order to remain current. Our training for experienced trainers polishes their existing skillset and takes them to the next level.

Many trainers come from the business side of things and later become trainers. What made them successful in the business may not automatically transfer to the training room, though. We understand this and help to make them pros.

Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) bring real-world experience to the training room. They also bring risk. Our programs for SMEs help the find comfort in their secondary role as trainer and help them simplify complex data so that it’s understood and applied back on the job.

Trainers, whether independent consultants or members of corporate L&D, can complete our Orderly Conversation certification program to bring the business benefits of more effective communication to their clients or your enterprise in a scalable, cost-effective way.

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Sales & Account Teams

Sales and account teams want to connect with their clients and nurture relationships. No matter what an organization’s sales strategy might be, or what processes an account team is encouraged to employ, everyone wants to feel comfortable interacting with buyers and clients. They want the conversation to feel natural and to come to life.

Turpin training helps sales and account teams

  • Conduct sales meetings so they are buyer-focused and appropriately persuasive
  • Engage buyers in a comfortable, spontaneous conversation
  • Remain nimble and address buyer concerns as they surface
  • Establish and nurture trust
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Executives & Emerging Leaders

Business leaders, whether they’re seasoned or up-and-coming, need to connect with employees and inspire them to take action. A successful leader is self-aware and able to flex their style when the situation calls for it. They balance authoritative communication with collaboration and inclusiveness. They do all of this without sacrificing their essential personality and authenticity.

Turpin training helps leaders in the following ways:

Busy executives need one-on-one coaching that helps them face the day-to-day challenges they encounter and grow their executive presence. Our executive coaching is highly tailored and takes place over the course of multiple sessions.

Our communication training for leaders is typically embedded into existing leadership development programs. Most of these programs include a final project with cohorts delivering a capstone presentation. Having Turpin work with the cohorts is a great way to help these leaders shine in front of executives.

Our training for emerging leaders is typically a part of an existing leadership development program. Our goal is to understand your corporate culture and brand and to help high-potential employees support it through their unique style of leadership communication.

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Functional Teams

Successful teams know each other well and share a common language and goal. Because of that, they are able to take advantage of every individual’s strengths and perspective. These are some of the benefits of our methodology. We create a shared experience that lays a foundation for collaboration.

Turpin training provides guidance to help teams

  • Work together as a well-oiled machine
  • Learn to support and coach each other
  • Work together more efficiently and with respect
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Technical Experts

Technical Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) know that they need to simplify complex information to make it understandable and actionable to non-technical people in the business. But it’s not easy to shift your perspective from “what I know” to “what others need to know.”

We help technical SMEs

  • Be clear and concise
  • Share their experiences and tell stories
  • Simplify complex data for non-technical audiences
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New & Young Employees

People who are new to their jobs or new to the workforce need a solid foundation for success. From day one, their communication represents the company brand. They not only want to understand what’s expected of them; they also need the skills to deliver it.

Turpin training helps new employees

  • Understand how to create and support their professional brand
  • Manage nervousness
  • Lay the foundation for more effective communication moving forward
  • Speak appropriately to more seasoned employees
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Brand Ambassadors

When brand ambassadors, and professionals who belong to speakers bureaus, present at conferences or deliver webinars, they know that they’ve been given the opportunity to spread the word about the brand or the organization. They are the face of the organization and need to be authentic, relatable, and at times even inspirational.

We help them

  • Be intentional about supporting your brand
  • Make audiences fall in love
  • Be appropriately enthusiastic
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Entrepreneurs & Start-up Teams

The stakes are high. All eyes are on them. Whether they’re a team of one or members of the expanding C-suite, entrepreneurs and start-up teams are always “on” and always selling. When doing a road show, shopping around for series b funding, or presenting to their employees, what they say and how they say it matters.

We guide entrepreneurs to

  • Support the company’s brand
  • Build trust and credibility
  • Be compelling and persuasive
  • Get to the point quickly
  • Set context and communicate vision
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