Training for Trainers

Our training for trainers builds the skills that learning and development professionals, “accidental trainers,” and subject matter experts (SMEs) need to present information and facilitate adult learning. Each of the workshops listed below is built on the notion that all training sessions are Orderly Conversations. As such, they must be designed and delivered with a focus on relevance and efficiency. When they are, learners are able to apply new information and skills back on the job.

Your trainers represent your learning and development function. Sometimes, during onboarding for example, they are the face of the entire organization and set the tone for the duration of employees’ tenure. To do that successfully, trainers must understand their role in supporting and protecting your brand.

That’s why our training for trainers focuses on improving self-awareness, helping trainers adapt to the needs of business learners, and building the insight necessary to keep training content in the business context.

Unlearning Old Habits and Building New Ones

Much of what we do in the training room involves asking trainers to unlearn long-held beliefs about adult learning. Some training techniques, such as ice breakers and activities that waste time, need to be carefully examined and replaced with more effective and efficient delivery approaches. During our training for trainers, we facilitate discussions and help trainers identify what content and activities should stay, what should go, and what should be updated.

Live Online Workshops

The Virtual Subject
Matter Expert

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Training in the
Virtual Environment

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Onsite Workshops

Training for new and accidental trainers

Facilitation Training for
New and “Accidental” Trainers

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Facilitation training for experienced trainers

Facilitation Training
for Experienced Trainers

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Training to become a more effective subject matter expert trainer

The Effective Subject
Matter Expert

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training subject matter experts to facilitate training

Coaching Your SMEs
to Facilitate Learning

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Instructional Design Training


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