Meeting Facilitation Training for Organizations and Teams

Meeting Facilitation Training for More Effective Business Meetings

Our world-class meeting facilitation workshops are based on the notion that meetings are Orderly Conversations® that need to be planned and facilitated well. We teach the skills to ensure your organization’s meetings have a clearly defined purpose, agenda, and goal, and that the culture and process are cordial, respectful, and inclusive.

Train Your Teams to Confidently Facilitate Meetings

When meetings are facilitated well, attendees contribute, decisions are made, and business moves forward. Effective facilitation translates to increased success.

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Turpin’s comprehensive, tailored meeting facilitation skills workshops will teach your team to facilitate a meeting that moves business forward. Our workshops are designed for small groups to maximize personal coaching and increase training effectiveness, which leads to lasting results.

Meeting Facilitation Skills Training for Organizations and Teams

Practical facilitation techniques for meetings

Mastery-Level Meeting Facilitation Training

Even experienced meeting facilitators aren’t always effective. Old habits and well-intentioned (but unhelpful) feedback from managers, peers, and other training sources can linger and interfere with your team’s success. Our Mastery Workshops set meeting facilitators on a better path.

Meeting Facilitation

When it comes to facilitating meetings, it is important to create the conditions for a fruitful conversation to take place. Our Mastery-Level meeting facilitation training will teach your teams how to facilitate group discussions that lead to decisions being made and business moving forward.

Meeting Facilitation

Meeting performance and group dynamics change when some people are face-to-face and others are virtual. We understand this challenge and provide simple solutions to ensure inclusive meetings where all participants are seen and have equal opportunities to engage in the conversation.

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Uniquely designed workshops that meet participant and team goals and the objectives of your organization.

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The Turpin Difference

Practical and effective meeting facilitation training solutions.

Turpin takes a no-nonsense, practical approach to meeting facilitation training built on proven methodology and extensive real-world experience. Each workshop Turpin delivers is uniquely customized to the organization, team, and participants. Workshop attendees facilitate meetings from their own organizational context and receive personalized, expert coaching and guidance.

Our Success is Measured by Yours.

“This is the best real-world sales training I have received on how to give a presentation: from organizing to delivering. Thank you for helping me grow professionally.”

—Jason C., Sales Manager, Medline
Workshop Attendee

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