Turpin Client Engagement

A Little Bit About You


Your Experience Working with Turpin Communication

Given the opportunity, how likely are you to recommend Turpin to colleagues or members of your professional network?

Your Familiarity with our Services and Programs

Rate the following questions on a scale of 1 - 3: 1 - Very familiar, 2 - Somewhat familiar, or 3 - Not familiar

How familiar are you with the following services that Turpin offers?
Training for Presenters
Training for Meeting Facilitators
Training for Trainers
Training Delivered Virtually

How familiar are you with our training programs that focus on specific types of business communicators?
Sales and Account Teams
Technical Presenters
Intact Teams
Subject Matter Experts when Delivering Training
New Employees

How familiar are you with the following leadership communication programs that Turpin offers?
Communication training that is embedded in clients' existing emerging leadership programs
Presentation Coaching
Executive Presence Coaching
360 Assessments for Leaders

How familiar are you with our approach when embedding the following topics into our programs?
Communicating Virtually
Communicating in Hybrid Environments
Professional Branding
Ground Rules for Effective Meetings
Facilitating Inclusive Meetings
Reducing Cognitive Load

How familiar are you with our follow-up and skill-reinforcement programs?
Follow-up Letters
Coaching Snapshots
Our Writings (books, blogs, articles, etc.)
Manager Support Program
Dress-rehearsal Coaching

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