At the heart of our blended learning approach is eCoach, our online learner’s portal where learners access their pre-work, course materials, post-workshop reinforcement tools, and more.

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Here’s How eCoach Works

Skills are Introduced—Before the workshop:

  • About three weeks before their workshop, participants are asked to log in to their personal, secure eCoach account.
  • They complete an online needs assessment. The assessment helps us understand their needs and goals. It also gets them thinking about their upcoming training.
  • Participants also complete an online course that (1) introduces them to the basics of effective organization and (2) helps them prepare the presentation, meeting, or training session they will be practicing in class.
  • When pre-work is complete, participants upload it to Turpin so their instructors can review and prepare feedback that will be delivered in the live workshop.

Skills are Developed—During the live workshop:

  • Participants refine and practice their real-life presentation, meeting, or training session.
  • They explore and develop skills during video-recorded exercises.
  • They receive individual coaching during private video review sessions.
  • During the coaching sessions, each participant and their coach create a “coaching snapshot,” which captures (on a flip chart) the most important recommendations and discoveries made.

Skills are Reinforced—After the workshop:

Participants continue to have access to eCoach.

  • They have access to all pre-work and course materials.
  • They can print and keep a copy of their coaching snapshot handy for future reference.
  • They can review their in-class videos with instructor guides.
  • They can review the class recap letter.
  • And much more.

Blended Learning

We believe in a blended learning approach. eCoach is how we do it.

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