At the heart of our blended learning approach is eCoach, where learners access their pre-work, course materials, post-workshop reinforcement tools, and more.

Here’s How eCoach Works

Skills are Introduced—Before the workshop:

  • A few weeks before their workshop, participants are asked to log in to their personal, secure eCoach account.
  • They complete an online needs assessment. The assessment helps us understand their needs and goals. It also gets them thinking about their upcoming training.
  • Depending on the workshop, participants may be asked to complete additional on-demand video-based pre-work.

Skills are Developed—During the live workshop:

  • Participants refine and practice their real-life presentation, meeting, or training session.
  • They explore and develop skills during video-recorded exercises.
  • They receive individual coaching during private video review sessions.
  • In most sessions, each participant and their video-review coach create a “coaching snapshot,” which captures the most important recommendations and discoveries made.

Skills are Reinforced—After the workshop:

Participants continue to have access to eCoach. Resources vary from workshop to workshop but may include access to

  • Pre-work
  • Course materials including their coaching snapshot
  • Their in-class videos
  • Class recap letter
  • Blog articles, podcasts, and other recordings
  • And much more

Blended Learning

We believe in a blended learning approach. eCoach is how we do it.