Training for Brand Ambassadors and Speaker Bureaus

Speaking at conferences and delivering webinars are great ways to grow your organization’s brand awareness and demonstrate thought leadership. It’s important that these speakers support your message and your brand through their ability to communicate clearly.

Through our proven strategies and methodology, we help brand ambassadors and members of speaker bureaus
be authentic, relatable, and on-brand.

Workshops for Brand Ambassadors & Speaker Bureaus

Speaker Training Programs - Turpin Communication

Presenting at Conferences

Demonstrating thought leadership on the speaking circuit

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Webinar Training - Turpin Communication

Webinars that Work

Demonstrating thought leadership in the virtual world

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Presentation Skills Workshop - Turpin Communication

Mastering Your Presentations

No-nonsense communication strategies for getting business done

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Storytelling Communication Training - Turpin Communication

Storytelling for Business Results (presentations)

Essentials for weaving compelling stories into presentations

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Technical Presentation Training - Turpin Communication

Technical Presentations for Non-Technical Audiences

Presenting data for maximum

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Improving Product Demo Presentations - Turpin Communication

Product Demos

Presentation skills to showcase your product or software

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Team Presentation Training- Turpin Communication

Mastering Team Presentations

Collaboration strategies for preparing and delivering team presentations

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Professional Branding - Turpin Communication


Projecting professionalism to enhance your brand

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Coaching for Brand Ambassadors & Speaker Bureaus

Training for new and accidental trainers

Presentation Coaching

Polishing skills for your next big
career move

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Facilitation training for experienced trainers


One-on-one instruction for improving public
speaking skills

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Training to become a more effective subject matter expert trainer

On Camera

Appearing and sounding natural
on video

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