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Virtual Presentations That Work:
Breakthrough to Engage Clients and Staff

This lunch & learn-style speaking engagement, which can be delivered face to face or virtually, is designed for anyone who would like to become more comfortable presenting in the virtual setting.

Virtual Presentations That Work

Breakthrough to engage clients and staff

It’s one thing to be clear, concise, and in control of your message when you’re speaking to a group of people in a live conference room setting. It’s an entirely different thing to keep audience members attentive and engaged when presenting virtually.

It’s not just learning how to run the meeting software. That’s the easy part. The real issues are (1) getting people to want to participate and (2) communicating well using the technology so that what you say is actually heard and understood.

In this practical session, we will explore the skills and techniques it takes to communicate effectively in virtual settings, whether you’re conducting meetings, presentations, product demos, or video conferences.

We’ll examine:

  • Transferring face-to-face skills to the virtual environment
  • Engaging people you can’t see
  • Keeping people focused
  • Developing visual aids for online delivery
  • Planning and executing interactions that people want to participate in
  • Using platform tools such as video, polls, chat, hand raising, and more
  • Using a host to manage the technology so that you can focus on content

Copies of The Orderly Conversation: Business Presentations Redefined may be included for each attendee.

“Once again, Turpin provided relevant information that I put into practice on the same day as the webinar. Well done!” Candace

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