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Virtual Meetings that Work – for Everyone

Inclusive Business Communication from a Distance

As we find ourselves in a new normal of working remotely, Turpin is offering help — free of charge — to anyone who needs it. This 90-minute webinar provides participants with guidance on nurturing relationships with co-workers and external stakeholders by leading more effective virtual meetings.

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Virtual Meetings that Work – for Everyone

Inclusive Business Communication from a Distance

You’ve been meeting remotely for months. The questions you had about using video have been replaced by a combination of isolation, frustration, miscommunication, and fatigue.

If you’re like most, you had no idea the value in those accidental walk-by conversations with colleagues on your way to the breakroom or to pick something up from the printer. You were kept in the loop simply through osmosis and being in the room with others.

These and other issues we face through remote work will be addressed in this free webinar. We’ll discuss the importance of authenticity, inclusiveness, and being intentional with your communication in order to

  • Nurture relationships with colleagues, clients, and prospects
  • “Show up” for the people you work with
  • Establish trust
  • Support your professional brand and that of your organization
  • Be both engaged and engaging
  • Create the conditions for a fruitful exchange of ideas
  • Be inclusive of everyone in the meeting, even those who choose not to be on video
  • Draw out quiet meeting attendees and value their input

Whether you meet internally with your team or externally with clients, this webinar will provide the insights you need to nurture relationships and move business forward through virtual meetings.

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February 18, 2021 10:00 – 11:30 am CT

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