Feeling a Little Silly at the Front of the Room? Three Very Serious Ideas About Enthusiasm

A few weeks ago, I was delivering a workshop for a group of soon-to-be trainers. Each of them was a subject matter expert (SME), and they were preparing to deliver training to groups of people within their organization. On the first day of the class we were focused on helping the SMEs strengthen the skills… Read more »

Another 5-Star Review for “The Orderly Conversation” at Portland Book Review

Review originally posted at the Portland Book Review The Orderly Conversation: Business Presentations Redefined by Dale Ludwig and Greg Owen-Boger       Approaching presentations as conversations leads to more engagement, which is necessary to successfully keep business moving forward. Authors Ludwig and Owen-Boger walk the reader through the steps in planning and delivering the… Read more »

5-Star Review for “The Orderly Conversation” at San Francisco Book Review

Review originally posted at The San Francisco Book Review The Orderly Conversation depends on an assumption that business presentations are inherently different from other forms of public speaking, and so to be truly successful, presenters must learn a whole new set of skills. I’m not entirely sure that I agree with this assumption, since the… Read more »

Why Redefine Business Presentations?

In all of our workshops, a certain amount of unlearning has always taken place. Over time, we realized that everything we were helping presenters unlearn came from the world of speechmaking. Although presenters knew they were not delivering formal speeches, the assumptions they made and the strategies they used didn’t reflect that. They were simply… Read more »