Presentation Skills Workshops

Designed To Help Your Team Get Business Done

We take a comprehensive skill-building approach to presentation skills training. That means concepts are introduced, practiced, refined, and reinforced throughout our training programs. The private coaching that is embedded into our workshops is a critical element to our learners' success. People walk away with personal insights, self-awareness, and techniques that they can apply to the range of communication situations they face in their work. As they move through their careers and into leadership roles, the insights they develop and the skills they learn will serve them well.

All of our Presentation Skills Courses are built on the principles we’ve written about in The Orderly Conversation.

Participants in all of our presentation skills workshops work on their own real-life presentations. This keeps their efforts practical and grounded in the real world of their business.

Workshop Tailoring
All Turpin workshops are tailored to the needs of the organization, team, or business unit, and each individual in the session. Working closely with our clients, we identify learning objectives and determine the best way to meet them.

Private Coaching and Video Review
Capturing learners on video as they work on their real-life content, which is followed by private video playback and coaching, is embedded in all we do. It helps workshop participants understand their natural strengths (and weaknesses) and grow their self-awareness so that they can apply what they learn in class to the variety of situations they face outside of it.

Blended Learning and Skill Reinforcement
Most of our presentation skills workshops include some form of pre-work and access to eCoach. Through eCoach, participants receive reusable job aids and reference materials, including their own in-class videos, which are excellent skill-reinforcement tools. Attendees in some workshops also receive a copy of The Orderly Conversation: Business Presentations Redefined.

Post Workshop Coaching
To help workshop participants succeed, especially when the stakes are high, consider adding post workshop coaching. This hour-long one-on-one follow-up takes place virtually and may be conducted any time after the workshop. Individuals always work with one of the instructors from their workshop to ensure continuity and mutual trust.


Mastering Your Presentations — Presentation Skills Workshop No-nonsense communication strategies for getting business done
Turpin Communication’s Presentation Skills Workshops are tailored to the unique needs of our clients and are delivered at their locations, hotels, or conference centers across North America.

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