Eye Contact and Pausing… Is That All You Got?!

Engagement requires the intentional use of eye contact and pausing

Some time back, Dale and I were the guest speakers on a webinar. The topic was about how we’ve redefined business presentations as Orderly Conversations. We were talking about the use of eye contact and pausing in order to get yourself engaged in the conversation. When we talk about being engaged as a presenter, we’re… Read more »

Successful Presenters Engage People in a Conversation

As a presenter, when you are engaged in the conversation, you are connected to your thoughts and externally focused on the people you are speaking with. If you’ve been in business for any length of time, you know that some presenters are NOT engaged in the process. Not only are their presentations hard to listen… Read more »

The Orderly Conversation: 4 Ways to Make Presenting to Leadership Easier

      As talent development professionals, it’s essential for us to communicate effectively both inside and outside the training room. Our success and reputation depend on it. Too often—especially when communicating to business leadership—we miss the mark. We might fail to speak the language of the business, frustrating our listeners. Sometimes we’re not as… Read more »

1 Website, 2 Interviews in India about The Orderly Conversation

The Orderly Conversation is getting around. This time it’s in India where an online publication, Indezine, has interviewed co-authors Dale Ludwig and Greg Owen-Boger about the book and the writing process they followed. We’d like to thank Geetesh Bajaj, editor at Indezine, for his insightful questions. Geetesh: Compared to other presenters’ books, The Orderly Conversation… Read more »

Let’s Get Serious About Live Instructor-led Training

Training Industry Magazine article by Dale Ludwig

Dale Ludwig, Founder of Turpin Communication and Co-author of The Orderly Conversation was just published in Training Industry Magazine. Here’s an excerpt. Let’s Get Serious About Live Instructor-led Training With so many modes of training delivery available to learning and development (L&D) professionals – online, blended, synchronous, asynchronous, mobile – it’s common to ask whether… Read more »

Introducing the New Workshop Catalog by Turpin Communication

At Turpin Communication, we recognize the complexity and challenges of the work our clients do. Because of this, our workshops have always been highly tailored to the unique situations they face. Now, we’ve made it easier for you to recognize how we can help you meet your business goals. The New Workshop Catalog We’ve broken… Read more »

It’s Not That You Made a Mistake, It’s How You Recover

Recently, I had an opportunity to observe Greg coaching a very Type-A businessperson. In her one-on-one session, the question arose of how to deal with mistakes. During her in-class presentation delivery, she had experienced a brain blip and given an amount in thousands when she meant hundred-thousands. She had stopped, smiled, and said something like,… Read more »