Turpin Communication’s Culture – What We Stand For

Two recent events triggered the Turpin Team to discuss our culture, values, and generally what we, as an organization, stand for. It’s not that we don’t know who we are. We do. We live our values every day, but we never actually wrote them down … until now. The Two Recent Events Dale (Turpin’s Founder)… Read more »

As a presenter, are you meeting your potential?

Are you meeting your potential and getting the results you want when it comes to presenting? Are your team members? Build on your experiences and learn the skills it takes to master your presentations once and for all. We offer two different presentation skills workshops to meet the specific needs of today’s business presenters. Mastering… Read more »

When presenting, people ask me to skip to the end. What should I do?

A lot of business presenters we work with feel frustrated (and sometimes threatened) when listeners ask them to skip to the end of their presentation. If you think of your presentation as a one-sided information push that only you control, you would be frustrated by this too. But… if you know anything about the work… Read more »

I have been told I should gesture less. What do you think?

Question: I’ve been told I should gesture less. What do you think? Answer: People often ask us whether they’re gesturing too much when they present. And typically, the answer is no. Watch Mary Clare Healy from Turpin Communication answer the question in more detail in this video blog entry. Related posts: Hands on Hips – OK… Read more »

What to do when asked questions about things you have already talked about.

Here’s a Frequently Asked Question about being interrupted during a presentation with something you’ve already addressed. Mary Clare answers in this video blog entry. QUESTION: What should you do when you get asked questions about things you already talked about?

Should a Presenter Read from the Slides?

On our Facebook fan page (www.facebook.com/TurpinCommunication) we recently asked our fans to “name something that a presenter does (or doesn’t do) that distracts you from hearing/understanding the speaker’s message.” Most of the responses had something to do with presenters reading their slides. While I agree that it’s distracting when someone lifelessly reads a slide full… Read more »

When presenting, I feel more comfortable when I hold a pen. Is that OK?

QUESTION: When presenting, I feel more comfortable when I hold a pen.  Is that OK? ANSWER: This is a common question we receive in our Presentation Skills Workshops.  Class participants often remark that holding on to something somehow calms them down and makes them feel less nervous.  In this video blog entry, Mary Clare Healy, provides… Read more »