We're always looking for new talent.

Our trainers come from a variety of backgrounds, including academics, education, performing arts, management, and marketing. Experience delivering presentation or facilitation skills training is not a requirement.

The common denominators for all of our trainers are these:

  • We have an engaging, genuine, never-condescending classroom demeanor
  • We are excellent listeners
  • We are quick studies
  • We are deeply intuitive
  • We have outstanding writing skills
  • We are curious. We’re the type of people who, if we ask you about what you do for a living, really want to know
  • We love helping people succeed

The training program for new trainers is rigorous and typically requires up to a year of training and coaching.

In addition to trainers, it takes talented individuals working behind the scenes to make Turpin Communication successful. If you have interest in the operations of a boutique training firm and you have the skills, let us know.

Email your resume to begin the conversation.