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Turpin Communication team members are dedicated to providing the best presentation and facilitation skills training available. As you can see in these short biographies, our skills as instructors, coaches, workshop designers, and administrators are enriched by our diverse backgrounds.


Dale Ludwig

Dale Ludwig

President & Founder

Dale Ludwig has a Ph.D. in Communication and, prior to Turpin, taught at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. He founded Turpin Communication in 1992. Since then he has worked to keep Turpin focused on providing the best presentation and facilitation skills training available. The Turpin name is a reference to a fictional character in one of Dale’s favorite short stories. It was chosen not because the fictional Turpin had anything to do with presenting or training, but rather because the name sounds nice next to “Communication” and isn’t too hard to spell.

Dale is a frequent blogger and the co-author of the book The Orderly Conversation: Business Presentations Redefined. Learn about the book at www.TheOrderlyConversation.com. He’s excited about his latest book, also co-authored with Greg Owen-Boger, which is entitled Effective SMEs: A Trainer’s Guide to Helping Subject Matter Experts Facilitate Learning.

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Greg Owen-Boger, VP Turpin Communication

Greg Owen-Boger

Vice President

Greg Owen-Boger has been with Turpin Communication since 1995, first as a cameraman, then instructor, account manager, and now vice president. Schooled in management and the performing arts, Greg brings a diverse set of skills and experiences to the organization. Greg is one of Turpin’s facilitators and coaches. When he’s not with clients, he manages the day-to-day operations of the company. About that hyphen in his last name: it goes back to the acting years when he was ill-advised to lose his last name and use his middle name instead. He inserted the hyphen when he left acting, mostly because without it the Social Security Administration was confused.

Greg is an active member of the Association for Talent Development (ATD) and was the 2015 President of ATD, Chicagoland Chapter. He is a popular speaker, frequent blogger and the co-author of the book The Orderly Conversation: Business Presentations Redefined. Learn about the book at www.TheOrderlyConversation.com. His latest book, also co-authored by Dale Ludwig, launched in 2017.

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Dana Peters, Director of Sales for Turpin Comunication

Dana Peters

Director of Sales/Facilitator/Coach

Dana Peters has spent the past 20 years in leadership roles implementing strategic plans and leading solution-based sales, service, and business development initiatives. After participating in one of Turpin’s public workshops, she became a huge fan of their approach to presentation and facilitation skills training. So much so, she decided to join the team. In addition to her work at Turpin, she owns her own business, Mondo Learning Solutions, and also serves on the board for the Southeastern Wisconsin Chapter of the Association for Talent Development. In her previous life, Dana spent 15 years in the credit union industry as the Executive Vice President of a mid-sized credit union in Milwaukee. She holds a BA in Psychology and Sociology from St. Ambrose University.
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Barbara Egel, Coach, Turpin Communication

Barbara Egel

Facilitator/Account Manager

Barbara Egel is an experienced trainer and presenter who has worked in a variety of fields from qualitative consumer research to children’s multimedia publishing. In each of her roles, Barbara has specialized in helping people get comfortable in situations that, at least at first, are uncomfortable. This includes helping fiction writers get comfortable with writing code, and enabling marketers and product developers to talk directly with their customers. Most recently, Barbara was Vice President at Primary Insights, Inc., a boutique qualitative research consultancy. At Turpin Communication, Barbara is a workshop coach and account manager and was the developmental editor of The Orderly Conversation. She has degrees from the University of Illinois and Northwestern University.

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Milena Palendech, Coach, Turpin Communication

Milena Palandech


Milena Palandech started her career more than twenty years ago as a facilitator for a company that specialized in classroom-based communication skills training. When training started moving online, she went to work for one of the largest eLearning companies, where she helped corporations develop online curriculums for their employees. Over the years, she has held roles in L&D, sales, sales management, and operations. She is a private coach for Turpin workshops and is often called upon for executive coaching.

Sarah Stocker, Coach, Turpin Communication

Sarah Stocker

Coach/Workshop Coordinator

Sarah Stocker graduated from Bowling Green State University with a BA in Communication. After college, she spent the first five years working as a stage manager for various theatres in Ohio. After moving to Chicago, she worked as a contractor for several Chicago companies, first stage managing corporate theatre productions and then as a project and logistics coordinator for customized training seminars. She came to Turpin in 2005 as a camera operator, then progressed to her Workshop Coordinator and Coach roles. Sarah managed the creation of Turpin’s eCoach.

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Blaine Rada

Blaine Rada, CSP


Blaine Rada has worked as a corporate trainer in the mortgage industry for 20 years. He also coaches individuals to be more effective communicators, and he believes all communication, whether it is written, spoken, or in an online environment, begins with proper thinking (hence the expression, “Think Before You Speak”). Blaine was named “America’s Greatest Thinker” by winning The Great American Think-Off, a national philosophy competition. He holds a Certificate in Distance Education from Indiana University, and has achieved the highest earned designation in the speaking industry, the Certified Speaking Professional (CSP), from the National Speakers Association, held by only 12% of professional speakers worldwide. Blaine enjoys spending time doing three R’s: running, reading, and resisting the gravitational pull of his smartphone.

Susan Plank Facilitator and Coach at Turpin Communication

Susan Plank


Susan Plank spent 15 years in academia and corporate organizations developing and training people. She is now a consultant based in St. Louis helping organizations solve people problems by providing a genuine and honest perspective on employee satisfaction and performance. Susan earned a Bachelors in Psychology from Truman State University and a Masters in Communication from Saint Louis University. Searching for a more effective way to offer presentation skills to her clients, Susan discovered The Orderly Conversation book and immediately reached out to the authors. As it turns out, flattery worked. She’s now a trainer and coach for Turpin.

Kevin Vogelsang

Operations Manager

Kevin Vogelsang graduated from Governors State University with a BA in Mathematics. While attending college, and for a time after, he managed restaurants. After learning that restaurant work was not the career for him, Kevin joined the Turpin team in October of 2016. He focuses on managing the office and ensuring nothing is overlooked in the operations of our fast-paced business. His math and analytical skills come in handy with his latest project, which is to develop Turpin’s Google optimization strategy to ensure that www.turpincommunication.com ranks at the top of search results. From time to time, Kevin runs the camera during workshops. In his downtime, he enjoys reading and playing disc golf.

Mary Vogelsang, Staff Accountant

Mary Vogelsang 

Staff Accountant

Mary Vogelsang worked in commercial real estate for over twenty years before joining the Turpin team. It was a welcome change of pace to transfer her accounting skills to a new industry. She has a B.S. in Business Administration from Illinois State University. Mary  participated in a session of Mastering Your Presentations as a learner and appreciated the skills and confidence she gained through that experience. She enjoys working behind the scenes to support the goal of helping clients unlock their potential as business communicators.