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Training Engagements Tailored to the Client, the Group, and Each Individual

Turpin Communication’s clients come from a wide array of industries and functions. No matter who the client is, or what department a group of individuals works for, we tailor each session to meet the needs of the client, the group, and the individual. Here are a few examples of how we've applied the principles of The Orderly Conversation to help our clients meet their needs.    

Presentation Skills Training   ||  Sales Presentation Training  ||  Meeting and Facilitation Skills Training  ||  Training for Trainers

Presentation Skills Training

Organization International Property Insurance Company
Trainees Leadership Development Cohorts
Types of Presentations Vary depending on functional roles
Training Goal To build communication skills for new leaders.
Business Challenge Each year, this company holds a leadership development program to grow the capabilities of their next generation of leaders. This cohort program includes team projects designed to build leadership skills. At the end of each program, teams present the results of the work they have done to a large group of executives. The challenge was that the teams lacked the confidence they needed to communicate clearly and appropriately showcase their projects’ success. In many cases, the high-potential employees also lacked executive presence.
Solution The program that we designed included building baseline presentation skills with each individual and working with each team on their final presentation to leadership. This ongoing program, which started in 2011, includes a workshop and team coaching.
From a Learner I just wanted to send a quick email and tell you how much I enjoyed the workshop.  I have to say that it was by far my favorite part of the … program.  I was feeling a bit out of my element and I thought that your workshop was only going to take me further out of my comfort zone but it did the exact opposite. Thank you for your feedback and for your positive energy.  It was really such a great experience for me and I can’t thank you enough.

Organization  International Home-building Supply Manufacturer
Trainees  Internal Auditors
Types of Presentations  Team presentations to deliver audit findings to cross-functional leaders
Training Goal  To simplify presentations and build confidence in the team members.
Business Challenge  The team’s strengths as detail-oriented auditors caused challenges when presenting to cross-functional leaders who simply wanted the bottom line. Also, their approach was not consistent, so each person tended to reinvent the presentation wheel for every audience.
Solution The first step in this engagement was to create a series of presentation templates that could be used at each step of the audit process. We then designed a workshop to help the team members use the templates to deliver key messages without getting caught in the details. The workshop also provided coaching techniques so that participants could coach one another in productive, non-threatening ways.
From a Leader I love the process. It’s simple and slowly added each time so that I could truly focus on 1 or 2 attributes at a time. I learned a lot about using the slides better and more effectively.
Manager, Internal Audit

Organization  Global CPG Company (Food Industry)
Trainees  Sales Managers
Types of Presentations Talent management reviews by non-HR managers
Training Goal To help Sales Managers be more efficient and consistent with their talent management reviews.
Business Challenge Teams of regional sales managers in this CPG organization meet with leadership each quarter to review their business and the professional development of their team members. Their presentations involve a standardized template, limited time, and must adhere to HR guidelines. Poor presentation skills along with unclear expectations made these meetings very difficult.
Solution Using their presentation template, we developed a workshop (delivered multiple times) to help the managers organize their thoughts, focus their messages, meet their time limit, and stay within HR guidelines.
From a Learner  It was amazing to see the difference in each member’s comfort level and confidence. Improvement was obvious. Great course!

Organization Global CPG Company (Beverage Industry)
Trainees Brand Managers
Types of Presentations Brand management updates to cross-functional leadership using strict slide guidelines
Training Goal Create a team of brand managers able to deliver information concisely and consistently to help leadership compare apples to apples.
Business Challenge The Brand Managers regularly present product updates to leadership. Their presentations are delivered during a single half-day meeting, each presenter coming into the presentation room one at a time. The leaders prefer that data (graphs, charts, etc.) be presented four at a time on a single PowerPoint slide. This is done for clarity, consistency, and efficiency but makes it difficult for presenters to control their message.
Solution We designed a program (delivered multiple times) to help the presenters get comfortable with the format, find a way to communicate their message clearly and persuasively, be as concise as possible, and control hard-to-manage interactions taking place among their audience members.

Organization Medical Supply Manufacturing and Sales
Trainees Product Managers
Types of Presentations Product Managers delivering product details and demonstrations to new and seasoned sales reps
Training Goal To provide the Product Managers with the skills they need to excel in their product presentations and demos.
Business Challenge The company’s offerings include thousands of products, and the product managers must try to make the products they manage stand out from the rest.
Solution We developed a program to help each individual be clear, concise, and deliver useful information the sales reps will remember and use in the field. This regularly scheduled program was developed in 2015 and continues today.
From a Learner I came into this afraid it was going to be just another presentation class with its general, unhelpful advice and guidelines. However, I found the content to be valuable, the exercises to be fruitful, and the time to be quite worthwhile. Thanks!

Organization Global CPG Food Company (Food Industry)
Trainees Category Managers
Types of Presentations Category management recommendations to sales people (seated)
Training Goal To help Category Managers and Analysts take a less-is-more approach when presenting research to sales teams.
Business Challenge Management acknowledged a common business challenge—the tensions among marketing, category management, and sales. Category managers were using complex and data-heavy slides, which were prepared by marketing and sales analysts, to deliver sales data to the sales force. The sales team, then, had to repurpose the presentations to deliver to their customers. This multi-layer process was frustrating for everyone, and the category managers were not effective in helping the sales teams communicate complex data in a way that the buyer could understand.

To add to the complexity, the category managers were delivering the data to the sales teams seated at a table. This meant they faced the additional challenge of keeping a relatively informal interaction focused and concise.

Solution  We designed a workshop (delivered multiple times) to help the category managers take information prepared by marketing and the analysts and repurpose it in easy-to-understand presentations to the sales force. By doing this, the sales people had an easier time repurposing the data they needed to explain to their buyers.
From a Leader We get better, very quickly, when experts like you work with our talent.
Senior Director, Category Management

Organization Boutique Management Consulting Firm
Trainees Consultants
Types of Presentations High-stakes project updates and final recommendation presentations delivered by teams to client leadership
Training Goal To build the team members’ executive presence and professionalize their communication with clients.
Business Challenge The founder of the consultancy realized that the presentations her team delivered were, in many cases, the actual product that her company sells. She also recognized that the consultants’ communication, if executed well, could be a market differentiator in their highly competitive industry. With these realizations, she knew the team’s communication skills needed to improve in major ways. Under the then-struggling economy, the stakes were too high for anything less than stellar presentations.
Solution We worked with the client to standardize the team’s approach to the high-stakes situations they face. With the standard plan in place, we worked with the team to build the skills they needed to succeed. As the company grows, we return regularly to help new consultants meet the founder’s expectations.
From a Learner Great tips on how to present, maintain composure, and look comfortable in front of a group. But if there are two things I’ll take away from the experience and definitely use: How to frame the presentation – Current Situation, Goal, Agenda, Benefits; How to frame a slide – What’s Here? So what?  Great stuff.

Organization Major Cancer Research Hospital
Trainees Scientists and doctors
Types of Presentations Research presentations to non-medical audiences
Training Goal To help detail-oriented scientists be more concise and clear when explaining complex information to non-medical audiences.
Business Challenge This hospital often sends its doctors and researchers into the public to talk about their research. Many of their presentations go to people who support the hospital financially, so the stakes are high. The presenters were not being successful because they shared too much information with people who did not understand it. In their desire to share everything they knew, they caused confusion and frustration.
Solution We helped the researchers trim down the amount of information in their presentations and deliver complex medical data in a way that non-medical people could understand and get excited about.

Organization International Property Insurance Company
Trainees Risk Control and Underwriting new hires
Types of Presentations Risk Control participants deliver site-visit findings to clients. Underwriters manage sales meetings with insureds and brokers.
Training Goal To develop baseline communication skills for newly hired employees, and help them understand their role as stewards of the brand when out in the field.
Business Challenge This large company hires dozens of underwriters and risk control employees every year. The onboarding program is staggered across multiple weeks and takes twelve months to complete. One of the most important takeaways for the new hires is comfort being the face of the company in the field. Our client, a member of the learning & development function, knew that without a communication module, onboarding would be incomplete.
Solution We developed a plan to train dozens of new employees very quickly. This training focuses on two areas. First, we provide the new hires with an easy-to-use strategy for framing their meetings in a consistent manner regardless of who they’re speaking with. Second, we grow their self-awareness so that they understand how they come across to their audience members. As their self-awareness grows, they become more comfortable representing the organization. This program started in 2011 and continues today.
From a Learner I have never been recorded speaking in public and watched it played back! I absolutely loved this because when I saw my video back I realized that I came across very different than how I initially thought–and luckily that was a good thing! I feel more comfortable now speaking in front of a group–and as crazy as it sounds, I’m looking forward to speaking in front of a group so that I can utilize the new skills I learned!

Organization Multiple MBA Programs at a Major University
Trainees New MBA students
Types of Presentations Team presentations as an integral part of completing the MBA program
Training Goal To enhance the existing student orientation program by providing students with the communication skills and tools they need to be successful in the MBA program.
Business Challenge MBA cohort programs usually include many team presentations. The challenge is that students, despite being high-potential individuals and executives, often lacked the ability to communicate clearly and work in a team to build and deliver in-class presentations. This was becoming a barrier in their education.

Additionally, the business school recognized that providing communication training as part of the orientation gave the university a competitive advantage when recruiting students.

Solution We developed a program that takes place the week before class starts to (a) bring all of the students up to the same skill level and (b) provide them with common language for working together throughout the MBA program.

This annual program started in 2015 and continues today.

From a Learner This was the part of orientation that I was worried most about. However, it was by far the easiest and most helpful part.

Sales Presentation Training

Organization Global CPG Company (Food Industry)
Trainees B2B Sales Professionals
Types of Presentations Sales presentations to corporate buyers, store managers, and category managers
Training Goal To build on a new sales model and help the sales people clearly articulate the sales message to busy buyers.
Business Challenge Final Step in Sales Training — A global food manufacturing company had rolled out a new sales model. The model was designed to help sales people deliver marketing research and new product information clearly and persuasively to their buyers. The sales people needed a way to get comfortable with the new process and execute it in a variety of situations including formal and informal presentations. Some of these presentations were even conducted within the aisles of retail stores.
Solution We designed training that picked up where the sales training process left off, helping hundreds of presenters streamline the preparation process, focus their recommendations, and communicate them comfortably no matter what situation they faced.

We began working with this sales organization in 2005 and continue to do so today.

From a Leader Thanks for the continuous improvements you are making to … the course — it is a great course and we always see positive results coming from the folks that attended. We value your partnership and look forward to continuing our learning journey together.
Director, Sales L&D

Organization Medical Management Company
Trainees B2B Sales teams made up of one physician and one business developer
Types of Presentations Team Sales Presentations delivered to hospital administrators and physician groups.
Training Goal To help the physicians and business developers present more effectively, work better together, and standardize the sales process as much as possible.
Business Challenge The services they sell are not easy for buyers to understand, and the physicians-turned-sales-people needed to make their messages concise, persuasive, and easy to grasp. They also had challenges working with each other and their counterparts in business development. To complicate things more, the business was growing and the sales message and process had never been formalized.
Solution We consulted with the physicians and their counterparts in business development to help them understand the benefits of consistency and protocols when developing and delivering sales presentations. The training included multiple workshops to improve the effectiveness of each of the sales teams. It also included training for the presentation development team to help them craft slide decks to meet the unique requests from each of the physicians.
From a Leader You are a gift to us.
Chief Business Officer

Organization Enterprise-level Software
Trainees B2B Sales teams made up of three people: the sales person, a software engineer, and the tech support lead
Types of Presentations Team sales presentations (often virtual) that include a product demo
Training Goal To help each of the team members clearly and persuasively articulate the benefits of a product perceived as a commodity and to help them establish trust quickly with buyers.
Business Challenge Each of the individuals on the sales teams had a unique set of strengths and weaknesses. The greatest challenge was that they were selling a product perceived to be a commodity. This meant that the teams’ sales presentations, product demos, and the relationships they developed had to become a competitive advantage if they were to succeed.
Solution We created a three-step training program to help them meet their sales goals. The program included (1) a pre-workshop webinar to set a baseline for how to prepare as a team, (2) a workshop where they practiced delivering their content and building relationships, and (3) a final webinar to practice handling pushback.

Organization Privately-held Manufacturing Company
Trainees C-Suite
Types of Presentations High-stakes sales presentations to venture capitalists
Training Goal To provide training and support to help the members of the C-suite sell the company at a favorable price.
Business Challenge A large manufacturing company was preparing to be sold to an investor organization. The sales process involved executives at the company delivering a team presentation to potential buyers. Presentations were not a normal part of the culture, so the executives had little experience to draw from. Adding to their anxiety was the fact that the stakes were extremely high. Their goal was to be confident, direct, persuasive, to work well as a team, to explain what the company does, and to outline its profit potential to people who had little background in the industry.
Solution We developed a two-day dress-rehearsal workshop for them, helping them streamline their message, work together as a team, and increase their comfort.
From a Learner I’ve received a few e-mails and phone calls from the participants thanking me and expressing their appreciation for the workshop.
HR Director

Organization Light Manufacturing Company (Packaging Industry)
Trainees Product Engineers and Product Managers
Types of Presentations Tradeshow elevator pitch for a new product line in a new category
Training Goal To coach the attendees how to quickly communicate the value of their new packaging technology on the tradeshow floor.
Business Challenge A manufacturing company was preparing its executives for a tradeshow. Their goal at the tradeshow was to introduce a new (and possibly industry disrupting) product to their customers. They needed help (1) developing their elevator pitch, and (2) communicating it clearly, energetically, and persuasively in the midst of the tradeshow hubbub.
Solution Our training helped them develop an elevator speech to serve as the foundation for their tradeshow conversations. We also helped them comfortably adapt that message to various buyers and situations.


Meeting & Facilitation Skills Training

Organization International Property Insurance Company
Trainees Account Engineers and Underwriters
Types of Meetings Account Teams Managing Client Meetings
Training Goal To help the account teams work better together, to help them prepare more efficiently, and to help them establish long-term relationships with clients and brokers.
Business Challenge At this corporation, every client is assigned an account team. The teams are made up of two people: one playing a sales/account manager role and the other an engineer. Each team needs to work closely with its clients and the client’s broker, responding to their needs appropriately and effectively. That requires trust and teamwork. The teams need to plan for each meeting efficiently; they need to keep the meeting focused on client business needs (not simply insurance); and they need to gather information and manage the conversation in a way that builds and maintains the goodwill of the client. The client was running a week-long workshop to address these needs, but it was out-of-date, and in need of revamping.
Solution After observing the existing workshop, we designed a shorter and more focused workshop to help the account teams meet their goals. First, working with leadership in the organization, we developed a meeting planning document for all teams to use. This gave them a practical tool and a common approach.

The face-to-face workshop focuses on helping the teams work together, develop the skills needed to engage clients in a fruitful conversation, manage the delivery of technical information clearly, listen well and respond, manage client concerns in the moment, and reach appropriate next steps. An industry-specific case study is used for the final exercise. The case study exercise is enhanced by leaders in the organization playing the client and broker roles.

This program was developed in 2016 and continues today.

From a Leader … nice work with the re-vamped class! I thought it ran very smoothly and provided the attendees with good constructive feedback to help them have more effective meetings. Though I didn’t sit in on one, I know how helpful the video review sessions are, so that is a great addition to the class. I think the class proved very helpful to the various attendees and it will help them lead more impactful meetings going forward. Thanks for having me be a part of it. It was fun plus I learned a lot along the way!
Senior Account Engineer and Case Study Role-player

Organization Big 10 University
Trainees Members of the Facilities Management Group ranging from maintenance workers to senior architects
Types of Meetings Anything from formal blueprint reviews, to team huddles, to informal conversations in the hallway
Training Goal To help attendees understand how to advocate for their point of view.
Business Challenge The new leader of this sizable group recognized that most of the team members did not see themselves as having the authority to contribute anything in meetings. There was a lack of confidence in many and customer service across the university was in need of improvement. “Even the person changing the lightbulbs needs to understand that they have a responsibility to be pleasant and helpful when a staff or faculty member walks by. I also want them to step up and advocate for their point of view in meetings.”
Solution Working in small groups, we provided the trainees with an easy-to-use tool for gathering their thoughts and framing conversations that are clear and friendly. We helped those who lacked confidence find their voice and be able to advocate for their point of view in meetings without being confrontational.
From a Learner The series of discussions and seminars such as… Orderly Conversations… have given me a deeper understanding on how to manage conversations that are critical for the people involved, and how volunteering is part of the engagement.

Organization Barge Transportation Company
Trainees Company leadership
Types of Meetings Staff meetings, project meetings
Training Goal To help leadership change the meeting culture of the organization by implementing a simple-to-use meeting planner tool.
Business Challenge Management at this company could be described as old-school. They had grown up in the company and as it grew, the new culture was starting to cause problems for them. The first HR professional hired at the company was a woman who set out to change how business was conducted. One of her goals was to improve the way meetings were run.
Solution We developed a meeting planning tool designed to bring order to their often-chaotic meetings and delivered a webinar to help them use it.


Training for Trainers

Organization Global Property Insurance Company
Trainees Engineers
Type of Training being Delivered Training for Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) to obtain faculty certification
Training Goal To establish a faculty certification program for instructors that will help them be effective facilitators of adult learning.
Business Challenge A global property insurance company uses Subject Matter Experts to deliver training to employees. The SMEs, primarily with engineering backgrounds, needed to simplify and focus complex information to meet their learning objectives. A major challenge for them is delivering slides, managing activities, and debriefing discussions using materials developed by their partners in Learning & Development.
Solution The training we developed helps the SMEs get comfortable in their role as facilitators of learning. This involved work on (1) presenting information clearly and concisely to meet learning objectives, (2) facilitating group discussions, and (3) setting up and debriefing group activities.

These workshops began in 2011 and continue today.

From a Leader I wanted you to know how much I thoroughly enjoyed working with the Turpin team these past few years – you are constant professionals, innovative, personable, hardworking, adaptable, offering great ideas for better classroom instruction and always raising the bar for a successful outcome.

The certified facilitators … are more skilled, confident and polished in their delivery due to your top-notch coaching techniques. 
Chief Learning Specialist

From a Learner I really did find your course to be most beneficial, definitely one of the better training classes that I have attended. As one of my colleagues said, “Too bad we didn’t get this class earlier in our careers.”

Organization Professional Non-profit Organization whose members are consultants and academics
Trainees Faculty Members of Certificate Program
Type of Training being Delivered by the Client Multi-course certificate program
Our Training Goal To provide faculty members with the skills and techniques they need to facilitate learning both in live-instructor situations and virtually.
Business Challenge The board wanted to create a certificate program to help professionalize the industry they are in. The challenge was that all of the training would have to be delivered by their senior members who may or may not have any training experience. For those who do have experience it was limited to academic teaching, a very different process than professional training.
Solution We worked with the board to set faculty standards and then we designed a training program to help the faculty meet them. This included live instructor-led facilitation as well as (more recently) virtual facilitation skills.

This engagement, which started in 2007 has evolved over time and continues today.

From a Leader Thank you so much for a tremendous training!  Your content was right on the money for both the faculties’ requests as well as ours. Thank you for facilitating such an effective training session.
Academic Advisor

Organization Global CPG Company (food industry)
Trainees Sales Trainers working in teams
Type of Training being Delivered by the Client Graphic design concepts to sales presenters
Our Training Goal To help the sales trainers get comfortable delivering canned slides they weren’t comfortable with to skeptical sales people.
Business Challenge The presentations delivered by sales people in this organization were stuffed with too much detail, and slide design often didn’t align with the company’s brand.

The company purchased an off-the-shelf graphic design training program that was to be delivered to the sales force by the sales trainers. There were so many sales people to be trained that there were several teams tasked with delivering the training over the course of a year.

The challenge was that the off-the-shelf training they purchased was not well developed nor easy to deliver.

Solution We delivered a train-the-trainer program that helped the sales trainers get comfortable with the material (which they couldn’t change) and find ways to make it their own.

Organization Global Financial Services Company
Trainees Financial Analysts
Type of Training being Delivered by the Client New software rollout
Our Training Goal To provide baseline facilitation skills to accidental trainers.
Business Challenge The business was rolling out new reporting software that all client-facing employees and affiliates would be expected to use by year’s end. In order to make this happen, a team of 40 subject matter experts (SMEs) needed to be trained on the system and develop the skills they would need to deliver training to multiple groups over a period of a few days.
Solution We developed a Train-the-Trainer program to help the SMEs take their technical expertise and their new software knowledge and make it understandable to individuals within the business.

Organization Terrorism Research and Training Facility
Trainees Ex-military Bomb and Terrorism Experts
Type of Training being Delivered by the Client Training for first responders to handle terrorism threats and incidents in their community
Our Training Goal To professionalize a group of passionate experts who tend to go rogue in the classroom.
Business Challenge The experts to be trained loved their work. Understanding terrorism and training first responders across the nation was described by many as their life’s work. However, their passion for the subject matter didn’t always lead to effective classroom management. If police and fire officials were going to leave their training with the skills they’ll need to manage their departments and communities in the event of an attack, these experts would have to become skilled facilitators of adult learning techniques.
Solution We developed a program to help them frame their content, engage their learners, and channel their passion in ways that could support their work as facilitators of learning.